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Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Krasnoyarsk,
27 March 2001

Minatom and the State Duma Policy Against Russia


Krasnoyarsk, Journalists Club, 27 March 2001

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Press-release annexes

Technical Framework to Facilitate Foreign Spent Fuel Storage and Geologic Disposal in Russia (pdf-version 1,35 Mb)

Answer to deputy V.M. Zubov. The greatest danger for us is the stupidity, cupidity and venality if state officials, first of all the law makers.

Findings of the Russian Federation State Duma Commission for the Struggle against Corruption on entrepreneurship of Eugeny Adamov Minister of the Russian Federation for Atomic Power

Cartoons on the subject

Statement of V. Mikheev - Director of the Citizens` Center on Nuclear Nonproliferation

Statement of V. Khizhnyak - vice-director of the Citizens` Center on Nuclear oliferation

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