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Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site

During this year the Citizens` Center oт Nuclear Non-Proliferation substantially increased the information capacities of its resource (Russian) (English).

By the forecast of statistics system of – leading Russian portal – the site has a steady growth trend (see diagram in Attachment #1). We even compete with the official site of Rosatom of Russia —

  • As of 1 May 2013 the average number of visitors of site is 1,117 a day, the number of hits — 1,599 a day.
  • Among the users of our resource 70% are Russian, 30% — foreign. The U.S. users account for 4%.
  • On May, 27, 2009 site broke through 1 million 300 thousand unique visitors (total number of visitors since 2001).
  • The site hosts more than seventeen thousand (!) various publications on nuclear subjects.
  • The Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site has stood the test of the onrush of the Russian Internet sector and has taken its specific niche. The founders of the site considered optimum to unite together the most important information about the development of commercial programs of Minatom — sections "Minatom News", "Russia as a nuclear dump site", "Utilization of weapon-grade plutonium ", "Nuclear Arms", and most important international events — sections "Foreign News", "Terrorism, war, danger...,", "Anti-Missile Defense" etc.

    As a result, the public (NGO activists, intelligentsia, university and high school students) and the mass media can receive the whole scope of news from independent Russian and foreign sources on this issue. Along with highly specific topics the "Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site" provides popular materials intended for the broadest circles. Therefore, the national Russian Internet publications and mass media frequently cited our news and reprinted our publications.

    In August 2001 won the Stalker prize, i.e. it was recognized as the best among 1,340 Internet resources of Krasnoyarsk krai. is joined the first ten most popular sites among Krasnoyarsk resources in the section "Society, Power, Mass Media".

    The authors and designers of the "Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site" think that both foreign and Russian Internet users will further show interest to one of the first in the Russian web-space integral project dedicated to the issues of nuclear nonproliferation.

    Now is a popular and reliable source of alternative information for the public in many countries of the world. Founders of the resource have professional knowledge to support and promote "News Announcements of" use more than 681 subscribers, the Link Popularity at is 600.

    Over 12 months in 2003 resource was visited by 167,927 visitors who viewed 345,044 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2004 resource was visited by 177,097 visitors who viewed 333,842 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2005 resource was visited by 169,229 visitors who viewed 294,835 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2006 resource was visited by 183,892 visitors who viewed 302,694 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2007 resource was visited by 213,008 visitors who viewed 342,137 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2008 resource was visited by 255,203 visitors who viewed 372,064 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2009 resource was visited by 219,694 visitors who viewed 328,960 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2010 resource was visited by 218,568 visitors who viewed 325,996 pages.

    Over 12 months in 2011 resource was visited by 524,085 visitors who viewed 714,474 pages.

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    Tатьяна, 03.08.2005 16:10:43

    А чего ж тут комментировать? Количество читателей и является лучшей оценкой вашей работы. Спасибо.

    NELLI , 07.03.2010 12:06:00

    Просто удивительно, что у нас в Сибири есть такой Центр!Спасибо за ваше неравнодушие!

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