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MCC - An Independent View. Table of contens

Reviews. Of MCC, RT-2 and nuclear industry (instead of the foreword) The preface by the Chairman of the Centre of Environment Policy of Russia, correspondent member of the RAS A.Yablokov

Part 1. MCC: Heritage of cold war

Introduction. (russian)

Chronology of Soviet nuclear weapon creation. (russian)

Penetration into the secretes of "Manhattan Project". (russian)

Town fenced with barbed wire. (russian)

Mining-Chemical Combine. (russian)

"Severny" storage ground. (russian)

Geological structure of the "Severny" storage ground. (russian)

Site 27. (russian)

Quantity and radioactivity of wastes and spent nuclear fuel stored at MCC

Radioactive pollution of the Yenisei river. (russian)

Results of the researches on complex evaluation of radia- tional condition of the territory of Atamanovo. (russian)

Radiation and health. Results of the study of the influence of long-term radioactive contamination of the countryside, caused by the MCC activity, on health of the population of surrounding districts

Radiation and genetics. (russian)

MCC conversion. (russian)

Part 2. RT-2 plant: reality, problems and prospects

Introduction. (russian)

RT-2 plant. (russian)

Technological set up of RT-2. (russian)

Handling radioactive wastes. (russian)

What has been built?. (russian)

Storage of containers with spent heat-emitting waste. (russian)

Examination of technical documents for RT-2 Chronology of events, results, conclusions. (russian)

Two approaches to handling nuclear materials: the closed and open nuclear fuel cycles - which is to be chosen? (russian)

Closed nuclear fuel cycle. (russian)

Open nuclear fuel cycle. (russian)

Arguments for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel and construction of RT-2. (russian)

Arguments against reprocessing spent nuclear fuel. (russian)

Arguments against the construction of the RT-2 plant. (russian)

What is needed instead of RT-2? (russian)

What is to be done in the first place? (russian)

Use of Mox fuel at the mining-chemical combine. (russian)

Todays problems of the mining-chemical combine are the would-be problems of RT-2 plant. (russian)

Conclusion or what is to be done further on? (russian)

Part 3. Nuclear safety and society

History of Krasnoyarsk ecological movement. (russian)

Referendum: legislators, scientists and court

Deputies of the Krasnoyarsk Regional Legislative Assembly say "no" to the referendum

Radiation safety in environment policy of the Administrati- on of Krasnoyarsk region Coordination Council on radiation safety

CSTS (Coordination scientific-technical Council for scientific monitoring of the construction of RT-2) - 1998


Supplement 1. Abbreviations and basic terms

Supplement 2. RT-2 is environmentally harmful

Supplement 3. Resolution of State ecological examination

Supplement 4. On the scale of Themis: "Greenpeace" versus decree of President of Russia


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