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The Citizens Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation

The Citizens Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (CCNNP)

General Post Office, P.B. 25211, Krasnoyarsk, 660000. Russia.
tel./fax: 7 (3912)970825

Description of organization:

The Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation was founded by Krasnoyarsk regional public charity organization Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Movement (KREM) and began its work in December 1998.

Justice Department of Krasnoyarsk Region Administration have registered the Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation (CCNNP) as Krasnoyarsk regional public charitable organization on the 5 th of July, 1999.

Krasnoyarsk regional public charity organization Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation is a non-governmental (non-state), non-commercial, non-political, charita-ble public organization.

Basic activities of CCNNP

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes) To raise awareness of the public, population and mass media of the problems of nuclear safety, radiation contamination of Krasnoyarsk krai, effects of processing spent nuclear fuel and plutonium extraction.

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes)To involve the population to discussing and making decisions on the issues of safe and confident storage of fissile materials, radioactive contamination of the environment and public health.

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes)Publishing: to publish flyers, booklets, brochures, books, cartoons, etc. to this end the Center has established its own Publising Department to prepare and publish information materials.

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes)To provide information on nuclear issues to all interested persons and public organizations. To create and maintain an available to all topical library. Library catalogue.

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes)To coordinate activities of non-governmental organizations and public groups active in nuclear safety problems.

ball_3.gif (1467 bytes)To establish a system of public control and transparency for the Mining-Chemical Combine (MCC) in Krasnoyarsk-26. To dialogue with MCC management on the issues of spent nuclear fuel processing and nonproliferation of nuclear materials.

Main achievement of the Citizens Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation:

1999. Two press-conferences for the mass media on the issues of plutonium utilization, use of MOX fuel and construction of a foreign storage for spent nuclear fuel in Russia. The press-conferences had great public response. The results of the conference were broadly covered not only by the local but also by the national mass media. Accessible to the public library on nuclear topics is opened. The library offers its services for representatives of public organizations, teachers and university students.

2000. Films about MCC "Where Death is Born" is made. The film is highly professional and is a success. IV International conference Utilization of Plutonium: Problems and Solution is organized and held.

2001. Press-conference for mass media "Minatom and the State Duma - policy against Russia". Results of the press-conference had broad coverage both in local and national mass media.

20012006. Work in the field of information technology - site has been founded and is successfully maintained. In a number of parameters the site successfully competes with the official site of Federal Agency for Atomic Energy (former Minatom of Russia). Along with specific topics the information resource provides popular materials intended for broad public circles. Publications of exclusive materials on the site.

19992003. Publications of Center:

  • Citizen`s guide "Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing - Who Needs It?" (1999).

  • Proceedings IV International Radioecological Conference "Utilization of Plutonium: Problems and Solutions" (2000).

  • Citizen`s guide MOX fuel - another shady adventure of Minatom (2000).

  • Citizen`s guide - an album of illustrations "Half-life of Minatom". Humour and satire on nuclear topics, 2nd edition, artist Anatoly Samarin (2002).

  • Citizen`s guide "Beware of Radiation!" (2003).
  • 20002006. Numerous publications in mass media and television (regional and national TV).

    2002. Center opened a Young Peoples Branch to involve young people to discussions and decision-making on acute nuclear-related issues for the area.

    2003. Young Peoples Branch of our Center conducted a sociological study and poll of Krasnoyarsk population on the issues of import of spent nuclear fuel into Russia.

    2003. The Center has an Internet office in Ukraine. Andrei Lubensky working in the Office is the author of numerous exclusive materials written specifically for site and actively proliferates our information to other nline publications in Ukraine and Russia.

    2002, 2004, 2005. The Center held three training seminars on Internet technologies for Russian NGOs dealing with problems of nuclear safety. These were the first seminars in Russia to be held for NGOs to give them professional knowledge necessary for efficient work with the Internet.

  • October, 2002 - first seminar "Enhancing the Efficiency of Work in the Internet and Promotion of Internet Resources for the NGOs".

  • January, 2004 - second seminar "Promotion of NGOs Internet Resources for Public and Mass Media Enlightenment".

  • November, 2005 - third seminar "NGO`s Internet Resources - an Important Tool to Work with Mass Media and the Public".
  • July 1, 2005 July 1, 2006. Implementation of project : "NPO Internet Resources Efficient Mass Media Instrument to Protect Human Rights in Nuclear Safety and Nonproliferation of Nuclear Materials". Publications during this period at web resource 1048. "Exclusive" section had 83 authors publications written for our site only. Reproduction of 85 materials from our site in other online mass media proves success of the project.

    September 2006 - May 2007. Implementation of project: "Independent radioecological survey of Yenissei river bank zone in the vicinity of Bolshoi Balchug township". In the course of the project "hot" particles have been found and submitted for burial. However, environmentalists became subject of persecution and repression by the law enforcement bodies and authorities. More details see in a special section "The case of "hot" particles".

    January 2007 - May 2007. "Internet resources of NGOs - an efficient instrument of mass media to protect human rights in the field of nuclear safety and nonproliferation of nuclear materials" project continued. Section "Exclusive" hosts more than 50 author`s publications written specifically for our site. Many our materials were reprinted by other on-line mass media.

    Director: Vladimir Mikheev
    Vice director, scientific supervisor:
    PR manager: Natalya Moiseenko

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