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By Vladimir Mikheev, Vitaliy Khizhnyak,
15 December 1998

Mining-Chemical Combine - An Independent View


Table of contents


A.V. Yablokov - Professor, corresponding member to the Russian Academy of Sciences, chairman - Center for Ecological policy of Russia. Review

A.S. Dyakov, Doctor of Sciences (Physics&Mathematics), Professor, Director - Center for Studies of Disarmament, Energy and Ecology Problems at Moscow Physical-Technical Institute.

Mining-Chemical Combine - An Independent View: Project leader and author - V. I. Mikheev, author and scientific editor - V.G. Khizhnyak. Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Regional Ecological Movement, 1998. - 200 p. Ill.: photo - 56, drawings - 28, diagrams - 8, plots - 5, tables - 3. References: 43 titles.

The book presents information about the Mining-Chemical Combine (MCC) - one of the enterprises belonging to the Ministry of Atomic Industry of Russia in Siberia and about construction on its territory of a radiochemical plant RT-2 designed to process spent nuclear fuel from atomic power stations. Until recently the activity of nuclear industry enterprises was one of the most secret both for journalists and the public.

The idea to publish the book was born after we published in 1995 our brochure "MCC: Problems and Reality" when we knew that we were the first to touch upon the vast scope nuclear of topics in Siberia, in Krasnoyarsk krai, in particular. The information given in the advertising illustrated brochure issued in 1996 in Zheleznogorsk is far from complete, even though the MCC public relations bureau that published this booklet possesses many years` material on this topical problem. To write the book we used our own materials and open data published in different sources. The book is intended for broad circles of readers. The authors do no claim the presentation to be complete and would appreciate all remarks, comments and additional material, and are ready to receive them at Lenin St. 41, office 5 660049, Krasnoyarsk

Reference to the source is obligatory in reproduction of the material of the book

Authors: Vladimir Mikheev, Vitaly Khizhnyak
Illustrations: Anatoly Samarin
Photo: Vladimir Mikheev and Sergei Bogorodsky
Layout and makeup: Vladimir Mikheev
Proofreader: Nadezhda Bazganova

Krasnoyarsk Regional Ecological Movement

ISBN 95-88587-003-15

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Вячеслав, 20.02.2009 17:05:24

О Вашем независимом взгляде на Горно-химический комбинат я узнал на Хорошо, что Вы описали содержание этой книги в свободном доступе.

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