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By Vladimir Mikheev, Vitaliy Khizhnyak,
Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Krasnoyarsk,
15 January 2000

MOX fuel - another shady adventure of Minatom

Citizen`s Guide

Table of contents

The book has been published with financial support of

Project leader and author - V. Mikheev, co-author and scientific editor - V.G. Khizhnyak. Second revised and extended edition. - Krasnoyarsk, the Citizens` Center on Nuclear Nonproliferation, 2000. - 69 p. Ill.: photo - 8, drawings - 32, diagrams - 3, tables - 2. References - 33 titles.

The book concisely and in a popular form presents information about plutonium - an artificial chemical element, its production, isotopes, properties, prospects of its application. Two fundamentally different approaches to plutonium handling have been outlined:

Immobilization (conversion of plutonium into a vitrified or ceramic matrix) in combination with high-level wastes or without them to be buried in geological formations.

Combustion of plutonium in nuclear power station as a mixed uranium-plutonium fuel (MOX fuel).

Russia considers the weapon-grade plutonium the national wealth and valuable energy raw material to be used in peaceful nuclear power stations. Meanwhile the Ministry of Atomic Energy is completely forgetful about all negative aspects inherent to development of MOX technologies. This prompted us to publish this book intended for a broad circles of readers.

The second part of the book is the supplements disclosing for the reader dangerous plans of turning Russia into a global nuclear dump. The Non-Proliferation Trust - an American organization and the Russian Ministry of Atomic Energy jointly develop plans to import into Russia thousands of tons of spent nuclear fuels and radioactive wastes for temporary storage and disposition. The book publishes a letter of the ecological community to the President of the Russian Federation B. Yeltsin demanding to prevent turning the country into an international spent nuclear fuel storage facility. We think it necessary to put here a confidential document published by Greenpeace - Protocol of Intention between the Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia and Swiss energy companies on Collaboration in management of spent nuclear fuel from atomic power stations. Here the reader can read about the American public also opposing the use of MOX fuel.

The authors of the book used their own materials and open data published in different sources. The authors do no claim the presentation to be complete and would appreciate all remarks, comments and additional material, and are ready to receive them at

Lenin St. 41, office 1, 660049, Krasnoyarsk, Tel./Fax: 7(3912) 653-353

Authors: Vladimir Mikheev Vitaly Khizhnyak
Artist: Anatoly Samarin
Photo: Vladimir Mikheev
Layout and makeup: Aleksandr Gryzlov
Proofreader: Nadezhda Bazganova

Citizens` Center on Nuclear Nonproliferation, Krasnoyarsk

Krasnoyarsk Regional Ecological Movement

ISBN 95-88587-003-19

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