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15 December 2000

Proceedings IV International Radioecological Conference "Utilization of Plutonium: Problems and Solutions"

Cover Proceedings

Russia, Krasnoyarsk, June, 5-10, 2000

Russian 1.9 Mb, (pdf)

English 1.1Mb(pdf)

Table of contents

Utilization of Plutonium: Problems and Solutions. Krasnoyarsk. Published by the Organizing Committee and Citizen Center Nuclear on Non-Proliferation, 2000. 382 p.

The book covers major issues concerning the options of plutonium disposal and utilization.

The book is intended for a broad circle of specialists, representatives of non-govcernmental organizations, students, and everybody concerned with radioecology and plutonium management.

Editors: Vitaly Khizhnyak, Vladimit Mikheev

Makeup: Aleksandr Gryzlov

Translation: Victor Ouskin

Proof-reader: Nadezhda Bazganova

ISBN 95-88587-003-21

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