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By artist Anatoly Samarin,,
15 January 2002

Citizen`s guide - an album of illustrations "Half-life of Minatom". Humour and satire on nuclear topics, 2nd edition

Half-life of Minatom: 2nd edition
Project leader V.I. Mikheev,
Cartoons by .M. Samarin.

Half-life of Minatom: 2nd edition. (html-version)

Half-life of Minatom: 2nd edition. (pdf-version 16,5 Mb)

- Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation, Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Movement, 2002. - 62 pages, illustrations: 116.

Some people thank Samarin is stern, others - shy, the third... It is the third who are the subject of Samarin`s cartoons - they make smile everybody.

Anatoly was born in 1949 in Perm district. In Chelyabinsk district he went to high school, worked as an automechanic... After military service in Krasnoyarsk krai he graduated from Miass automechanic professional school and... came back to Krasnoyarsk krai enchanted by Siberia!

In Sosnovoborks he worked at the Trailer Factory as a fitter, process engineer, for more than eighteen years - operation documentation engineer: wrote operation manuals for trailer technology, prepared catalogues for spare parts and details. When bored with drawing trailer units and apparatus Anatoly entertained department co-workers drawing their friendly jests.

Since 1993 Anatoly Samarin is the artist of "Rabochy" - Sosnovoborsk city newspaper. His drawings are published in other newspapers and magazines. Not indifferent to the living nature much of his work are the drawings on ecological subjects. Since the fall of 1989 he works with Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Movement. When the Krasnoyarsk greens illegally published "Ecologichesky vestnik" the newspaper was illustrated by Anatoly. The album in your hands is the result of collaboration of A. Samarin and environmentalists.

Artist: Anatoly Samarin
Makeup: Aleksandr Gryzlov
Corrector: Nadezhda Bazganova
Translation: Victor Ouskin

Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Krasnoyarsk Regional Environmental Movement

ISBN 95-88587-003-22

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