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By Len Zuza,
The Washington Post,
28 December 2017

U.S. intelligence is good enough for Putin. Why not Trump?

Despite his self-proclaimed superior intelligence, President Trump does not seem to be aware of contradictions in his opinions about the credibility of the U.S. intelligence community regarding Russia. On one hand, he dismisses their unanimous judgment that Russia interfered in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. On the other hand, he trusts the credibility of these agencies enough to provide their analysis to Russia and then bask in Russian President Vladimir Putin`s thanks for the U.S. intelligence that was reliable enough to enable Russian security officials to thwart a terrorist threat ["Putin phones Trump in thanks for tip from CIA," news, Dec. 18].

Which is it, Mr. President? Are U.S. intelligence agencies credible or not? Mr. Putin, a former KGB operative, found their information credible on Russian matters. Why don`t you?
Len Zuza, Solomons

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