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By Victor Samarov, Vitaly Nepomnutshy, Elena Komleva,
special for,
8 December 2015

Nuclear Burial Ground: Tumulus (Sosnovy Bor/Seversk/Ozersk/and so on) Or Open Pit (Subarctic)?

Victor Samarov, Vitaly Nepomnutshy (LNT PM Inc., Garden Grove, CA, USA)
Elena Komleva (Institute for Philosophy and Political Science, TU Dortmund, Germany)

Abstract. There are considered research stages of underground storage/burial of spent nuclear fuel/radioactive waste. A new potentially important way of conditioning utilized materials is pointed out. HIP-conditioning can both effectively complement the classical technologies of storage/burial and become a basis for the new ones. There is given an example of mining and geological conditions being the most potential to apply the HIP-conditioning and new technologies by construction of an international depository/final storage facility with the best ecological and economic effects.
Key words: safety culture, nuclear energy, nuclear waste, international nuclear waste storage facility, spent nuclear fuel, hot isostatic pressing, geological and mining technologies, Krasnoyarsk, Pechenga, Rosatom, mining and chemical combine, Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company, Russia.

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