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By Natalia Mironova, Andrey Talev,
special for,
6 March 2007

South Urals Nuclear Power Plant, please let the residents of Chelyabinsk region be heard!

In March Russian government is going to adopt the "NPP road-map" that will, at the request of the governor of Chelyabinsk region, include South Urals Nuclear Power Plant.

We say "no", we say that again and again. The authorities seem to have become deaf and blind.
People are united in their opinion that nuclear power is one of the three worst inventions of the humankind, because it is the weapon of mass destruction and because it results in millions of years of contaminated environment. Relying on their social experience and knowledge, people have the right to oppose the construction of new nuclear facilities. For us this is the tragedy of Muslyumovo that the Green movement activists made known and talked about, this is the tragedy of children with cancer and leucosis. Knowledge and social experience are the two undeniable rights of every person. In the era of information these rights can neither be perverted nor taken away or imposed. Self-determination and values formation of most people take place in the free information environment.

A poll held in July 2006 in Chelyabinsk, Zlatoust, Kusa and Kusa district, and Sosnovsky district shows that only 14-21% of pollees say "yes" to the nuclear power plant, with the stable 60% - 66% of those who have a negative attitude to the South Urals Nuclear Power Plant. This is less than the 76% of 1991. But this proves that 15 years of incessant administrative pressure and brainwashing, aimed especially at young people, have brainwashed only 10% of the population. And if we only think how much money has been spent on hosting Moscow emissaries, for instance, Vladimir Grachev, with his background of a metallurgist and a status of the State Duma deputy, who, in 1999-2000, has pushed through the federal laws on importing nuclear waste from around the world to Russia... Together with these laws Russia received the "honor" of becoming the only country in the world that is open to unlimited import of spent nuclear fuel from abroad. And what wonders of virtuosity were demonstrated and are being demonstrated now in "creating the positive attitude" to this international nuclear dirt which is unsafe for the nation`s health: This cannot understand by on-table reasons, but only through under-table pocket. And if we think how much money is spent on special missions of Chelyabinsk officials to Moscow to sit in the hallways of the state offices that lead to yet another financial flow, the money for the South Urals NPP construction! Our tax money!

A referendum held in 1991 gave a clear answer: people of Chelyabinsk do not want any nuclear power plants; that is what half a million voters said. This answer manifests their knowledge, social experience and will.

Nuclear power is an unsustainable way of development. Not only does it not resolve the energy security issues, but it also aggravates them, producing less than 4% of energy in the global fuel and power balance. Nuclear power does not stop the global climate change, but it increases the risk of nuclear proliferation and continuously aggravates the consequences of nuclear waste accumulation for future generations. At that there are alternatives to nuclear power in the world that are economically and environmentally preferable.

And there is another fact of no little significance, for Chelyabinsk region governor`s information: there is no, and there cannot be any, lack of energy supplies in Chelyabinsk region, which lies close to Tyumen, with the latter`s excessive energy supplies! All the calculations around the "lack of energy supplies" look like calculating the length of a Nile crocodile: do we count from head to tail or from tail to head... We should effectively use the resources that our region already offers, for instance, the resources of Troitskaya State District Power Plant (GRES), and not provide conditions for those who are going to line their pockets with an unfinished construction project of South Urals Nuclear Power Plant. And finally, in order to make industrialists, who have already learned to count their money, buy nuclear power, one need to continue undercutting nuclear fuel prices. How can this be done? That`s easy! Dump the waste into the environment and ignore the harm to the people and the nature. And import yet more radioactive waste. Apparently those 20% of the voters saying "yes" are sure that they will sew up a clean place to live and clean food to eat for themselves, in shelters and in environmentally clean countries.

Natalia Mironova,
Andrey Talevlin,

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