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By V.G. Barjakhtar, B.I. Gorbache,
special for,
8 January 2007

Chernobyl Fables - 5

Oddities of Konstantin Checherov and "Berliner Zeitung" - Another Sensation or a Disinformation Device?

Translated by Victor Ouskin, Krasnoyarsk Citizens` Center on Nuclear Non-Proliferation.

Debates about the catastrophe at Chernobyl nuclear power plants and its causes and developments are still going on. One of the reasons the issue lacks consensus is no access for the public at large to 57 volumes of criminal proceedings. Scientists` hopes of its declassification have failed giving rise to numerous speculations on Chernobyl accident, political ones, in particular. Generally an individual speculator adheres to one speculation and stands up for it to go all the way, presenting it as a sacred cow. At the same time there are persons to put forward new ones almost every year. K. Checherov stands out among them.

Principal causes of Chernobyl accident have been clear for specialists long ago. Materials of international conference "20 years of Chernobyl Catastrophe: An Outlook" held in Kiev the causes of the catastrophe are formulated as follows.

  • 1. Electrical engineering experiment incompletely and improperly prepared.
  • 2. Low professional standards of power plant operators, managers and the USSR Ministry of Energy and Electrification in the field of nuclear power plant safety.
  • 3. Insufficient safety of uranium-graphite reactor RBMK-1000.
  • 4. Mistakes of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant personnel.
  • Oddities of Konstantin Checherov and "Berliner Zeitung" - Another Sensation or a Disinformation Device?

    1. In 1992 Checherov (Chernobyl "expert") issued his first sensation - "Ukrytie" (Shelter) facility has actually no fuel, the fuel has almost completely gone outside, by his visual estimates only 10-20 tons out of 200 tons remains.

    It was explained to Checherov that to evaluate how much fuel is hidden under the concrete, inside the concrete in inaccessible ruins or in the form of fuel dust visually, by sight is impossible. Second, thousands of soil samples taken in Ukraine and in other countries prove that fuel emitted amounts to less than 5%, more than 95% remains in "Ukrytie" (Shelter) facility. Third, three independent integral methods showed the reactor rooms to have ~ 90 tons of fuel. Fourth, analysis of hundreds of samples, photo and videomaterials made possible to objectively evaluate the amount of furl inside "Ukrytie" facility ~ 150 tons, access to the remaining 30 denied. These numbers many times checked and verified are in all standard and international documents of "Ukrytie" facility. This is obvious and comment is superfluous.

    Still, when abroad the Chernobyl "expert" continues to assure western Europeans that: "it was not 3-5%, but 90% of radioactive fuel - about 200 tons of uranium and plutonium that got into the natural environment in 1986..." [1].. It stands to reason - when taken by id?e fixe objective arguments are helpless.

    2. In 1995 our Chernobyl "expert" suggested another version, by which the Chernobyl accident was considered a results of deliberate subversive action. This was one of the official publications of "Diversion" version published in "Trud" newspaper #74 in 1995. The "Expert" tried to substantiate it by certain "yellow" spots on "nuclear lava" aggregates. In his opinions these were remains of trinitrotoluene which KGB agents secretly planted into the reactor to blast it (???). To give any intelligible explanation - why would they want it? - the author failed.

    So, the researchers took samples of the "yellow spots" and analyzed them chemically and radiochemically. The "yellow spots" turned out to be sediments of water-soluble uranium salts observed by uranium miners every day.

    3. Later Mr. Checherov put forward another version - "Low-yield explosion in the 4th block of Chernobyl nuclear power plant". "Fuel went up, at this, to the height of 20 m over the reactor vessel and evaporated at the temperature of 40 thousand degrees to disperse after that over the Northen Europe" [1] - assures Checherov western Europeans. Of course, if the goal is to scare the right-minded residents of Western Europe this horror story is good enough. But nuclear specialists can hardly take this seriously, because they know well enough that a nuclear blast with 2% of fuel enrichment (as was the case at Chernobyl) can never happen. The enrichment required for a nuclear blast is not less than 90 %.

    4. Further his presentations [2] inform the reader that "he carried out numerous studies on ruined reactor". But his colleagues who have worked with him for many years know very well that being neither a scientist nor a nuclear specialist he lacked skill and professional education to do these studies.

    5. "The exposure dose received is more than 1000 rads and I`m still hale and hearty" [2] ...The dose of 2000 rems Checherov acquired during 10 years" [3].

    And this is a real splash for the mass media! It denies the entire experience gained by the world radiation medicine in recent 60 years. We should remind, that the lethal exposure is the dose of 500 rems or 600 rems in a single exposure. In fractional irradiation and with excellent medical treatment between the exposures the dose may be somewhat higher but not much higher. This depends on individual specifics of an organism.

    And Dr. Guskova at whose clinic our "expert" was examined, having found in his organism signs of such an overexposure wasted efforts trying to assure that chances are that her patient exaggerates his exposure dose, that her rich experience of treating persons aggrieved in radiation accidents clearly states: exposure doses over 1000 rads are incompatible with further human life and the world experience of radiation medicine states the same. But what is the world experience and what are the old colleagues when a sensation is needed?

    6. "For many years the soviet secret services have been keeping this material locked away in secret archives"[2].

    This is also disinformation of the first water for the western public. Since 1989 all results of work on "Ukrytie" facility have been declassified. Since that time there are no secrets. And Chcherov`s photomaterials he is trying to pass of as secret archive materials are the photos of the Integrated Survey Company from Kurchatov Institute and "Ukrytie" International Science&Technology Center of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, i.e. the photographs open for the public at large in these archives.

    7. "The reactor is actually empty... This is known for the people who have worked inside the reactor vault, and this can be seen in videomaterials we have made" [4].

    This is a substitution of notions, because the 4th block, reactor and reactor vault are different notions. If in this utterance the term "reactor" means the reactor vault where the reactor core was before the accident, this is true - it is actually empty. Sometimes birds fly into it and fly there freely. There is no fuel in it. This was found in May 1988. This fundamentally important discovery was made by a small group of researchers from the Integrated Survey Company of Kurchatov Institute comprised of no more than 10 people. But the name of Checherov is not in the list of this group. And it cannot be there, because after 1986 his second visit to Chernobyl was by the end of 1988, when all principal discoveries on "Ukrytie" facility had been made. No scruples give him pause and he present this undoubtedly important results of the studies produced under most severe working condition on "Ukrytie" facility as his own discovery.

    8. "By our estimates in the vault there is no more than 10% of the fuel!
    - Where is the rest?
    Gone in the explosion: the explosion took place not in the vault, but in the air! With the epicenter under the central hall roof.
    - And the reactor with the mass of several thousand tons - how did it get there? - did it fly?

    You would very surprised: it was raised there by water! Liquid jets shooting at great pressure from more than 1.5 thousand damaged pipes. ...we made calculations: total water discharge draft is sufficient to take the mammoth with the total mass about 5000 tons out of the vault. When it was raised and the water couldn`t cool the reactor core it is at this moment that the chain reaction started. The result is the explosion under the roof!" [5].

    As the saying goes, "he couldn`t help himself...". The caprioles of Checherov`s fancy went beyond all limits. Reactor cores turned out to be able to fly or jump up to tens of meters. Nobody has invented a sensation like this so far.

    9. "The danger of sarcophagus collapse - is not the principal issue, thinks Checherov. Radioactive materials, among them fuel elements weighing one kilogram are continuously stolen. In 2005 parts of fuel elements were found on the workers" [1].

    This is direct calumny on "Ukrytie" personnel working now. First, this theft took place many years ago and the thieves were at that time caught in Slavutich with what they had stolen, and in 2005 in the territory of "Ukrytie" facility the second part of this lot was found under one of the workers` houses. Second, the stolen parts of fuel assemblies were not radioactive, as the fuel they contained was fresh. Third, this was a single case, but not a system. Fourth, the radioactive materials in "Ukrytie" facility protect themselves from stealing, because anybody who can steal them, e.g. to sell, can hardly live long enough to enjoy the moment of getting the money due to overexposure...

    10. "Why is the West ready to invest a billion dollars to build a new sarcophagus?

    Checherov: If you raise a billion and do not pay it at once, and put it in the bank and the bank works on it, with time the bank has its own money. And when this sum amounts to hundreds of millions, it is not difficult to find required experts, deputies and ministers to make conclusions required for your work" [6].

    This is a quite lucid accusation in corruption of Ukrainian scientists, deputies and ministers engaged in erection of "Sarcophagus-2" for giving "conclusions required" for its erection. So far no one gave a single reliable fact of corruption among Ukrainian scientists.


    Here we told about the most outstanding oddities of our "expert" - Konstantin Checherov. What is the reason of his so inadequate behavior? Insatiable aspiration for sensations in mass media or in his aspiration for not disinterested disinformation of the public? There was time when we thought the former to be the reason. Yet, a recent article "On experts" without naming persons gives a different explanation to such a coordinated behavior of individual persons and western mass media. Give but several citation concerning creation of "required authorities":

    "A specialist from a certain field of activity is chosen. By all means available - mass media, international scientific organizations, funds and similar structures - he is enskied to a certain "expert" height, i.e. promoted. With maximum frequency this "expert" is mentioned in mass media, takes part in various conferences, scientific councils, round tables, joins various boards, committees and projects. This creates an impression that his opinion is determining, the most valuable and significant. Promotion of such an expert is mostly funded from various foreign funds.

    Through various foreign organizations a foreign employer starts feeding the newly minted "guru" giving him the possibility, among other things, to collect around himself a group of "like minded people" ...In this country they often trust the "authorities" suspecting nothing that these "experts" may be enemies fulfilling some order and misinforming the people, creating false goals and hiding true ways... The unique political technology component open for the "world community" a wonderful chance to influence development of a situation in a foreign country! The might ...of this structure exceeds hundreds of thousands warheads. All that is needed to be done further is to support financially and competently direct these "scientists".

    Observing this importune attention of some western and domestic mass media to one among hundreds of researchers of "Ukrytie" facility involuntarily a question arises - isn`t he one of such newly minted "scientist"? Behavior of Checherov and some mass media very much resembles implementation of this political technology component.

    These suspicions increase when one knows that his interviews are well paid. This device is frequently used as a legally perfect for of bribe for a "required" interview. And the answer to the enigma of this generosity seems to be simple and is, in the authors` opinion, in the following paragraph:

    "Seven most mighty industrial powers - the "Big Seven" - allot Ukraine US$760 million. This is the money to build the second protective shell over the damaged reactor block of Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The aim of the new construction is to protect the environment from radioactive radiation. ...Konstantin Checherov from Kurchatov Institute in Moscow considers the second shell redundant." [2].

    To spend US$40 and even US$100 thousand to "promote" a "required expert" is, of course, worthwhile provided he is able to arrange "required evaluation" allowing the West to deprive Ukraine from almost one billion dollars and have a glib excuse to leave it in western banks..
    [1] Непонятная катастрофа, Германия, "Berliner Zeitung", 3 апреля 2006
    [2] Bente Milton, Sabine Kemper и Jorgen Petersen, ZDF/ARTE, Германия/Дания 2002, немецкая и французская передача.
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    [5] "Труд", 11 февраля 1998.
    [6] "ОБКОМ", 26 апреля 2006).

    Inexplicable catastrophe, Germany, "Berliner Zeitung", 3 April 2006
    Bente Milton, Sabine Kemper and Jorgen Petersen, ZDF/ARTE, Germany/Denmark 2002, a program in German and French.
    "Sobesednik", 10 February 2001.
    "Interfax-AiF" 30.10 - 05.11.1998, p.17.
    "Trud", 11 February 1998.
    "OBKOM", 26 April 2006.

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    ProContra, 04.01.2007 17:50:14

    Пусть Чечеров прокомментирует эти выпады. Интересно!

    ProContra, 04.01.2007 17:51:02

    Пусть Чечеров прокомментирует эти выпады. Интересно!

    Дед, 04.01.2007 17:53:25

    Авторы - в среде ученых и специалистов очень известные и уважаемые люди. Почему до сих пор отмалчивались?

    Виктор, 06.01.2007 13:57:46

    Отлично сказано! Молодцы авторы!

    Виктор, 06.01.2007 13:58:05

    Отлично сказано! Молодцы авторы!

    Виктор, 06.01.2007 13:58:18

    Отлично сказано! Молодцы авторы!

    Виктор, 06.01.2007 13:58:35

    Отлично сказано! Молодцы авторы!

    Виктор, 06.01.2007 13:58:49

    Отлично сказано! Молодцы авторы!

    Ax, 16.01.2007 17:01:09

    Das ist fantastish! А 760 "лимонов" можно "попилить", а тут "раскрученный за сороковник придурок" мешает такому "распилу" осуществиться. Геть его!

    Ax, 16.01.2007 17:01:15

    Das ist fantastish! А 760 "лимонов" можно "попилить", а тут "раскрученный за сороковник придурок" мешает такому "распилу" осуществиться. Геть его!

    Сергей Кухлевский, 07.02.2007 10:23:16 ................. Исследования ВИМС, выполненные на основе гелиометрии на некоторых площадках АЭС Минатомэнергопрома, позволили получить информацию, из которой следует, что они неудачно выбраны по сейсмотектонической обстановке в регионе под строительство АЭС (например, Чернобыльская, Костромская, Татарская и другие АЭС)............................... Может, не все знают, что реактор стоит не на бетонном фундаменте, а на внушительной "крестовине" из нержавеющей стали. Это как бы бронированное помещение с толщиной бронезащиты в 20 миллиметров. Этакая громадная танковая башня этажом ниже реактора. И вдруг в этом подреакторном "блиндаже", в стальной стене обнаруживается дыра диаметром в два метра! С сосульками расплавленной стали. В отсеке самого реактора - несколько пробоин со следами "вылизанного" высокой температурой железобетона. Есть участок труб защитной системы, где они просто испарились - не разлетелись, не разрушились, не расплавились, а именно испарились. Все это вместе говорит о кратковременном - десяти-пятнадцатисекундном - воздействии чрезвычайно высокой температуры. Минимум семь тысяч градусов, максимум - сорок тысяч......

    blah, 16.02.2007 1:37:59


    Сеня, 16.02.2007 1:38:58

    Если схема Е со всей своей "бородой" пароводяных коммуникаций лежит на ребре почти вертикально, а в шахте есть железобетонные плиты от ЦЗ внушительных размеров с уцелевшей краской, я думаю что Елена всё-таки была в воздухе какое-то время. Что касается топлива, скорее всего под саркофагом его очень мало, уж слишком большая территория подверглась заражению.

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