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Terrorism... War... Danger...

How Champs Elysees attack could swing the French presidential election. By Henry Samuel, Paris, The Telegraph, UK, 24 April 2017

South Korea Says There`s a Chance the North Will Conduct Its Sixth Nuclear Test on Tuesday. By Kim Tong-Hyung, Time, 24 April 2017

What Erdogan`s narrow referendum victory means for Turkey. By Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post, 19 April 2017

Trump Stumbles into Putin`s Syrian Backyard. By Nina L. Khrushcheva, Project Syndicate, 15 April 2017

What could go wrong for the U.S. in Syria? War with Russia... Pressure to escalate is only going to get worse. By Colin H. Kahl, The Washington Post, 12 April 2017

Russia has many enemies - but its actions in Syria may have contributed to events in St Petersburg. Russia`s intervention in Syria and Chechnya has led to threats from groups such as Isis, although responsibility for the St Petersburg attack has yet to be established. By Kim Sengupta, Diplomatic Editor, The Independent, UK, 5 April 2017

"Global collection of bases" of the Pentagon. (russian.) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 1 April 2017

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