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Terrorism... War... Danger...

Can Europe be saved? If it is to survive, the European Union must become a lot more flexible. The Economist, UK, 27 March 2017

Europe Is Facing 4 Existential Tests. Can It Hold Together? By Max Fisher, The Interpreter & The New York Times, 15 March 2017

Russia`s Missile Gamble: Is the INF Treaty Dead? Russia`s intervention in Syria has provided Putin with a laboratory to test his country`s cruise missiles. By William McHenry, The National Interest, 11 March 2017

Trump administration pledges "great strictness" on Iran nuclear deal. By Francois Murphy, Gareth Jones, Reuters, 8 March 2017

Enemy of the Year: Why Russia? What`s up with the current Russophobia craze? By Justin Raimondo,, 3 March 2017

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