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Peter Mikhalyak, 01.06.2001 12:36:46
First of all. Congratulations and best wishes in your HARD work! Second, your site must be more simple (minimum graphics!), more quick and more modern, I think so. And the last but not the least - USABILITY! The Book of Highty and Mihgty Jacob Nielsen can help to your web-master and information manager. Best regargs! Peter Mikhalyak. Krasnoyrsk native.
Oleg, 17.05.2001 6:29:59
Your site is necessary and useful. Wish you success in creative work
User,, 25.04.2001 6:35:02
To: Vladimir. What concerns Krasnoyarsk-26 I seem to have been wrong, I admit...:) Thank you, the site is very interesting. I haven`t read everything yet, but as far as I understand the experts say that processing is possible, even though there are some difficulties. Those who are against are, as far as I understand, mostly public figures. I trust more the former.
saskia,, 18.04.2001 12:17:42
Recently i came across a site in the net. It is an inspiration to all of us and the future generations to come. It is a concept for the entire world to adopt and it is the only solution to all the miseries facing mankind. Please have a look.
Igor Khripunov,, 13.12.2000 6:57:24
You have developed and maintain an excellent site.Congratulations. My center is focused on nonproliferation and export control.Visit our site where you will be able to find some material in Russian.In several days we are planning to drastically upgrade and modernize our site.It is at With best regards, Dr.Igor Khripunov Associate Director
WebMaster,, 12.12.2000 21:47:15
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