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ENWL,, 02.01.2002 15:28:43
! 07 1400 . . !
Santa Claus and Web-Snow-Maiden, 29.12.2001 18:26:24
From the bottom of our heart congratulations with the New Year 2002!

We wish you and all your near and dear health, love, luck and success in all your beginnings, prosperity, exciting creative life and joy of achieving results however difficult is the way to it.

Irina Podlesova,, 27.12.2001 13:37:14
What you are doing is absolutely necessary, but why is there no way to contact youre your phone cannot be found in the central exchange. No contact phone can be found on the site, either. This is no good!
Alexey Yablokov,, 21.12.2001 0:55:10
Amazed with efficiency and quality of information? How many people visit your site daily?
Alexey Yablokov,, 14.12.2001 18:51:19
Friends! The site amazes with its efficiency (daily work). Keep her steady!
Nataliya, 14.12.2001 9:16:50
Id like to thank everybody not indifferent to this problem. It is good that there are people who not speak only, but do things. Im convinced that this work shall be repaid a hundredfold, and global nuclear dump shall not be located here.
A.M. Goto,, 13.12.2001 21:35:21
Great site! As a minority I have always been interested in the problems of minorities, especially the causes. I am particularly interested in ethnic conflicts, such as in Northern Ireland and have concluded that all such conflicts have a common underlying factor, whether it is in East Timor, Kosovo, Bosnia, Mindanao, Somali, Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Tibet, Chechnya, Fiji, etc. All the minority groups are experiencing the same underlying problem which has in turn resulted in the common desire for independence, regardless of the geographic location or culture of these minority groups. I have created a web page in which I express my belief as to what this underlying cause is. Please check it out. You may find it interesting. Thanks.
Alexey, 08.12.2001 4:36:12
I wish you success in your creative work! More sharp publications. WE must do our best to deny Minatom turn Russia into a global dump of nuclear wastes.
Georgii, 17.10.2001 17:38:22
Proceedings of the conference (from "Publications" heading) cannot be loaded in PDF. And the site is good.
Elena,, 05.10.2001 5:20:33
Im against import of nuclear wastes. Upholding this standpoint I even was hit in my nice face from a high-ranking official. I applied to police, after that to court, but the case was closed of course, because he bribed the judge. In my city of Khabarovsk they again hold elections for these boors and spongers they must be turfed out. Who will defend our great fatherland if everything has been plundered? I wish your forum good development. Let your work be successful.
mike coleman, 17.09.2001 17:40:45
Your info has greatly helped my debate speach on the pro`s and con`s of nuclear weapons.
Yermolayev Oleg Philippovich Director-General, Baltcran Joint-Stock Company,, 11.09.2001 15:53:07
Cordial wishes of successful beginning in the development of your site!
Peter, 21.08.2001 8:43:34
Thats it! At last! No pigeon flying on the "wings of night" on the home page. No superfluous pictures (not all, to be true). The home page looks almost ideal clear and simple. You are moving in the right direction, folks! Information and navigation, clear structure of the site and simple search. I wish you success, new and, of course, old visitors!
Sergei Kunitsyn,, 24.07.2001 21:08:39
It was a pleasant surprise to get to know about your site! Good and necessary thing. Unfortunately, the compromise between the "green" and the people advocating import of spent nuclear fuel shall never be achieved At the moment I don`t live in Zheleznogorsk, but visit it quite frequently and like local residents I`m worried about the fate of this small oasis where I spent my green years. It is frightful to see the emerald-tinted verdure, eat mushrooms from surrounding forests, drink water from springs What is even more frightening is that I have many friends and just wonderful people who are still there and I`m worried about their health. And not about their health only, but about the health of all children in this town. What will be their future? I`d like express my appreciation to Morozova Natalya for her article. I hope that this is only a beginning! I wish all of you good luck! 1997alumnus of school 98. Sergei. :-)
Peter, 12.07.2001 8:56:55
Answer for sas: Why is the title repulsive? Where does it push the unrespected sas? And it absolutely does not imply that people are busy with banning or confrontation. Nonproliferation looks quite Russian. And should the nuclear warheads, which are so numerous that it is disgusting to speak about, be left as they are? Let them rust! And the future belongs to the nuclear technologies? They are basically different, these nuclear technologies. If they are like Chernobyl, let there be not SUCH nuclear technologies. And technologies like those in Chelyabinsk where there was an emission and where wastes are discharged into the lake- LET THERE NOT BE EITHER! Let there be other that have withstood INDEPENDENT assessment, thought over with a head, but not with an ass, or with a wish to get the green stuff for someone`s shit, with the money, at that, to go to Moscow, and the shit to Krasnoyarsk. The nuclear technologies are different. Let the repository be built near Moscow!!! The "green" should not be depicted as idiots, opponents of technological progress. But the progress can also be different. There was time when the Chinese built blast furnaces in every kitchen garden to smelt metal. THIS WAY LET THERE BE NOT EITHER. Both the chemical combine and metallurgical works and atomic power plant are managed by people. And they produce products, metal or electric power for people. But people must not be considered expendables, at that, to think that they will endure and survive everything. Will not croak, so to speak! The people have the right to live in a clean city, breathe clean air. It is regretful, that since long ago many bosses say have patience, dear, your day will come (of course, we understand, it was the nuclear shield that we were building). But we live our lives now, not afterwards. And if some people, let`s conditionally call them "green" remind the bosses and ordinary people about the right to live NOW in clean environment, with technologies that do not add pollution to what we are having, such "green" command respect only. And not laughter, unrespected sas. You are laughing at yourself

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