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Artur,, 15.07.2002 12:12:18
Magnificent resource. Earlier was aside – neither for nor contra. Now a clear view of what is happening has opened for my eyes! I`m grateful that you are there!
Konstantin, 07.07.2002 23:48:55
Russia as it is is almost ruined, and you are against nuclear power plants. This is wrong.
Cathy,, 30.06.2002 8:13:43
Hi dear friends, I am a Muslim, and I hope I can make more Muslim friends, I found an interesting website a few days ago, maybe you can try to visit it, if you enjoy it, pleases tell your friends! Have a nice day! Cathy
Administrator,, 26.06.2002 13:30:35
We agree to exchange references.
Description of our site: - Российский сайт ядерного нераспространения: ядерная безопасность и нераспространение, ядерное оружие и ядерный терроризм, проблемы отработавшего ядерного топлива и радиоактивных отходов, утилизация плутония, новости, публикации, комментарии, обзоры прессы, рисунки - Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site: nuclear safety and non-proliferation, nuclear terrorism and nuclear weapons, spent nuclear fuel, utilization of plutonium and radioactive wastes, news, publications, comments, reviews of press, cartoons
Yuri,, 25.06.2002 18:51:52
I`m administrator of site set up by Belorussian ecological green party "BEZ". In the nearest future our site is to be largely expanded. Now we are compiling a collection of references to ecological and environmental resources of different countries, prepare pages on Sustainable Development of Belorussia and the fate of nuclear disposal facility in Minsk. These projects are to be launched in September 2002. Your site is very interesting and we`d like to exchange references or enter your catalogue. Thank you.
Wolfgang, 11.06.2002 23:19:39
Die Informationen hier ist nützlich! Gut arbeitt.
vovchik markovchik,, 07.06.2002 6:05:50
Hello, I got into an argument with a friend of mine. The question at hand was whether there was any radioactive/nclear materials stolen from Chernoble? If you can help me answer that question, my email adress is
Aleksandr, 04.06.2002 18:27:43
What is the difference between Spent nuclear fuel and nuclear wastes? Answer
George, 27.05.2002 9:10:38
Godd quality site. Well done! Hold on!
Oleg, 23.05.2002 6:53:56
Very interesting site! Keep it on!
Sergey, 17.05.2002 9:51:49
Materials of the site were very useful for my work. Thank you! I wish you success in the difficult cause of open access to information
Tom Hawke,, 11.02.2002 21:28:17
Please feel the urge to visit It is a citizen venture designed to bring the truth and the relevant emergency facts to the world community. Includes a chilling story on the worst-case nuclear terror scenario.
Matthew Maly,, 04.02.2002 3:33:36 site posts information about activities of the American Conversion Fund for former Soviet mass elimination manufacturers— DEF. Information in Russian and in English
Mike,, 29.01.2002 10:26:31
When Chubais turns off electric power at your home, remember that Minatom is beyond his control :)
Terry Lash,, 17.01.2002 16:58:51
(1) I signed up to receive your newsletter before I realized it was published only in Russian. If it is not available in English, please do not send it to me. (2) Do you have information about Minatom`s proposed import of foreign spent fuel into Russia? Does your center have a position/policy in favor or in opposition to this proposal?

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