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jack guy, MUGU@MUGU.COM, 13.11.2002 4:44:13
Ggee men i don reach here ooh, make una keep nuclear bomb really
Green Apple,, 10.11.2002 2:34:35
Glad to greet like minded people! We are ecological organization "Green Apple". One of the lines in our activities is to oppose import of spent nuclear fuel. November 20 we intend to hold an action within this line. If you wish – answer, join us
Konstantin, froza123@mail, 28.10.2002 20:15:35
Nuclear power is a necessary development line of physics and several other sciences that it involves; nuclear fission is not only a weapon of destruction and political press on "friendly" countries, but also a source of most outstanding recent discoveries. This is a source of so much needed power (for our invaluable computers, in particular) rather inexpensive, and ecologically clean, at this. If you get interested how much other types of electric power stations pollute the environment as opposed to nuclear power plants, you`ll get amazed; this, of course beyond any comparison with the hydroelectric power station, but…, and wastes… if we cannot process them – it is our problem? And if we are unable to solve them – this is another proof that we are so not very much distant from apes that it is another reason to think about the sense of life again.

Sincerely, Konstantin

Sanya, 25.10.2002 10:12:17
Minister Alexandr Rumyantsev is either mistaken or sly, speaking alive in "Echo of Moscow" radio station (, that Minatom system has no private capital and the capital of all joint-stock companies is 100% state-owned. Minatom has such a remarkable jonit-stock company "Atomenergoexport". This structure can be called belonging to Minatom only because its title has the word "atom". The office is private, from the system of former Ministry for External Economic Relations. It was made a joint-stock company when the minister of External Economic Relations of the Russian Federation was Davydov O.D. ( (living now either in Poland or in Baltic Republics to be away from the Russian law-enforcement organs), who greatly (and not for nothing) assisted, as he had worked there for quite a long time. And this joint-stock company is a contract holder far from the weakest, and for delivery of chicken legs...

Don`t you know, Alexandr Yurievich?

Louis Zeller,, 23.10.2002 21:30:37
Dear Vladimir, Thank you for sending the photographs from Nuclear Free Future Award ceremony. I enjoyed seeing some of our old friends who are fighting for a better world. We at Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League support your efforts 100%. Keep up the good work!
Джахар, Скрываю, 18.10.2002 1:12:38
Ваш сайт не решает все эти проблемы и он в принципе не очень хороший, но в загрязнении территории виноваты сами люди и я в том числе, предлагаю воспользоваться этим сообщением и задуматься над своим будущем. Это может касаться и Вас!!!
Alexandr Gryzlov,, 28.09.2002 16:41:14
Chernobyl Disaster Happened April 26, 1986.
mugu,, 27.09.2002 12:46:41
i love this site
Elaine,, 26.09.2002 17:28:07
Can someone please tell me the date of the Chernoble disaster? Thank you.
Vladislav Maksimov,, 26.09.2002 15:15:12
Dear Sirs of the Center! Dear Mr. President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin! It is very likely that state terrorists from Kazakhstan transport nuclear materials harmful to Russia with support of corruptioned government of Republic of Kazakhstan! Details of the situation are available if required! Maksimov Vladislav Serafimovich, metallurgical engineer of rare non-ferrous metals, Candidate, Assistant Professor. Shymkent. 26.09.2002.
Alex, 27.08.2002 10:04:48
Great site! Go on, fellows!
Petuhoff,, 21.08.2002 18:21:58
For (Shahid H. Qadri) Why do you hate your profession?,Are you really ready to become a member of organization which main purpose is to close all nuclear power plant?
Shahid H. Qadri,, 21.08.2002 8:16:19
I`m Nuclear Engineer from Pakistan. However i`m not practicing my Engineering profession but would love to know if i can be a part of your organization? Answer
alekseiy, dmi, 14.08.2002 8:51:33
ne mogu naiti knigu-kritmassovaya bezopasnost.prorabotal na zavode himkonzentrat v novosibirske 5 let,seichas givu v usa,nj.
Mikhail, 13.08.2002 14:38:59
I have a favor to ask of your: please publish more material about import of foreign spent nuclear fuel to Russia.

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