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dündar pekgöz,, 24.01.2003 17:25:11
Dear Sirs, we are seeking monazite , in the cocentration %55..99. Have you this product. If it have you not,how we can it find. Best Regards Dündar Pekgöz Ankara-Turkey
UFOOLNOONE from Canada,, 22.01.2003 1:24:48
It only takes a fool to believe what Saddam sez : a sane person cannot possibly believe a word from the tyrant. No, Saddam, you wont make a fool out of me! ___ Chirac poule mouillee, and you French goats should be ashamed of your support to that iraqi-nazi regime! Free Iraqi people in 2003 !!! - - now this is a good resolution !
B,, 18.01.2003 4:27:51
Could you tell me if Ayaguz city of Semipalatinsk oblast is in the list of high-radiation risk inhabited localities? Is it possible to change certificate of Kazakhstan Soviet Socialist Republic for a Russian one?
Jasmine Petty,, 15.01.2003 18:39:00

Hey I read your web site. Im in 7th grade. I just have a couple of questions for you.

1. What is uranium. this science science unit was about viruses. My teacher said we are off the unit but we can still talk about it cause its like life. And I like that.
2. Is there any certain day, month, or year, that the virus will be out. (do you know when he will let out that virus)
3. I forgot why Bush is getting his shots do you know? I will look up that virus Saddam has. IT KIND of makes me nervous. But I am very interested in all of this. Have you heard about those snake heads?

Science is so cool. Well I had a lot of other questions. Please try to answer those and give me some other information.


Solomatin Yuriy Petrovich,, 13.01.2003 10:33:26
Even the gold medal is double-sided... I wish the site to remain dialectical in presenting ATOM problems
michael koffi, michael koffi2@caramail, 04.01.2003 20:08:54
email contacts of staff of Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site
  Answer: our email -
mugu,, 13.12.2002 18:02:18
I lov this site
Tatyana,, 06.12.2002 12:00:54
Hello!!! This is an environmentalist to-be that is writing you. We have a home work on chemistry, but it should be ecology-related, I decided to write a thesis on utilization of radioactive wastes, hope to find at your site everything I need!!!
Shizoid,, 03.12.2002 13:20:53
At school Im writing a study about ecologists. Please, help with what you can. Tell what an ecologist is and what is the difference between ecologist and ecolog. What is stratege (if I write it correctly). Thank you in advance for any information
Eugene,, 21.11.2002 8:25:46
Good day! I am a program director of a soon to be opened FM-station broadcasting for Southern Ural. Our station covers such cities as Ozersk and Snezhinsk. In this connection, and you very well understand it, the information service of the station cannot do without "nuclear" information. I studied your resource with great interest and I`d like to ask the administrator a question about possibility of collaboration in the field of information. By the way, our station launches our own site, which can be also a subject of interest and contacts. Respectfully yours.
Margarita,, 14.11.2002 11:35:58

Everything that you write here right or debatable is beautiful and goes without saying. But I think, that application of all new technologies to turn the civilization into the self-restoration channel is the question of power, but not the issue for science. Science has done enough and is doing a lot. There are not application opportunities this is the problem.

So far is the world is dominated by oligarchy nothing can be changed.

I don`t know exactly who they are the masons, just the global mafia or anybody else, but I strongly feel their influence on public opinion of ordinary citizens in all countries, the influence corrupting and deadening the self-consciousness.

I think that the main strategic line to save the mankind must be formation of life-asserting public opinion.

Man with new way of thinking shall not then listen to masons` and proamerican dupe, will make proper choice of authority and its only then that there will be a chance of evolutional dismissal of the world power of oligarchy.

It is only after that that it will be possible to implement new technologies and begin realistic work to restore the Planet.

jack guy, MUGU@MUGU.COM, 13.11.2002 4:44:13
Ggee men i don reach here ooh, make una keep nuclear bomb really
Green Apple,, 10.11.2002 2:34:35
Glad to greet like minded people! We are ecological organization "Green Apple". One of the lines in our activities is to oppose import of spent nuclear fuel. November 20 we intend to hold an action within this line. If you wish answer, join us
Konstantin, froza123@mail, 28.10.2002 20:15:35
Nuclear power is a necessary development line of physics and several other sciences that it involves; nuclear fission is not only a weapon of destruction and political press on "friendly" countries, but also a source of most outstanding recent discoveries. This is a source of so much needed power (for our invaluable computers, in particular) rather inexpensive, and ecologically clean, at this. If you get interested how much other types of electric power stations pollute the environment as opposed to nuclear power plants, you`ll get amazed; this, of course beyond any comparison with the hydroelectric power station, but, and wastes if we cannot process them it is our problem? And if we are unable to solve them this is another proof that we are so not very much distant from apes that it is another reason to think about the sense of life again.

Sincerely, Konstantin

Sanya, 25.10.2002 10:12:17
Minister Alexandr Rumyantsev is either mistaken or sly, speaking alive in "Echo of Moscow" radio station (, that Minatom system has no private capital and the capital of all joint-stock companies is 100% state-owned. Minatom has such a remarkable jonit-stock company "Atomenergoexport". This structure can be called belonging to Minatom only because its title has the word "atom". The office is private, from the system of former Ministry for External Economic Relations. It was made a joint-stock company when the minister of External Economic Relations of the Russian Federation was Davydov O.D. ( (living now either in Poland or in Baltic Republics to be away from the Russian law-enforcement organs), who greatly (and not for nothing) assisted, as he had worked there for quite a long time. And this joint-stock company is a contract holder far from the weakest, and for delivery of chicken legs...

Don`t you know, Alexandr Yurievich?

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