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mugu oma,, 14.06.2003 15:43:24
very good!
Alan,, 07.06.2003 2:50:49
God Bless You!!!
jason whit, 23.05.2003 19:40:54
stop nuclear crap
Alex, 20.05.2003 10:04:12
People, it is getting frightful to live in our country: Minatom is sold to oligarchs!!!
Samantha hartsell,, 15.05.2003 2:09:08
god bless you!
Igor, 15.05.2003 1:21:37
Hello! Great thanks to developers of this unique project!
charles,, 13.05.2003 16:55:58
may God save the iraques
maria,, 02.05.2003 2:57:06
please visit :
MUGU CHRISTAIN, MUGU@MUGU.COM, 16.04.2003 22:07:18
Alan Ireland, 15.04.2003 1:34:40
I`m collecting anti-war articles, photographs and cartoons at Autumn Leaves Books -
William Wallace,, 13.04.2003 13:50:49
In 1994, a group of twenty-six veterans, suffering from what has come to be known as Gulf War Syndrome, filed a billion-dollar lawsuit in Houston against the following companies: Fisher Controls International, Inc., St. Louis; Rhone-Poulenc, Inc., Princeton, NJ; Bechtel Group, Inc., San Francisco; Lummus Crest, Inc., Bloomfield, NJ,American Type Culture Collection (ATCC) of MD and VA,Mouse Master, Lilburn, GA, Sullaire Corp., Charlotte, NC, Pure Aire, Charlotte, NC, Posi Seal, Inc., N. Stonington, CT, Union Carbide, Danbury, CT, Evapco, Taneytown, MD, Gorman-Rupp, Mansfield, OH , for helping Iraq to obtain or produce the chemical and biological compounds which the veterans blamed for their illnesses. By 1998, the number of plaintiffs has risen to more than 4,000 and the suit is still pending in Texas. Will the same types of illness that have been seen in Gulf War Vets and the people of southern Iraq once again appear in Vets and in the Iraqi population who have been subject to the effects of over 1000 tonnes of Depleated Uraniun during this war. For more information see:
Lee,, 09.04.2003 23:32:20
Does anyone else wonder why it`s okay for the U.S. to have weapons of mass destruction, but it`s not okay for anyone else?!
deb, 06.04.2003 8:22:33
Stop Bush!
Ralf,, 04.04.2003 13:56:54
Hi, is against the war. Please visit my guestbook. THX
Alexander,, 01.04.2003 14:50:25
Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, I address you in writing with a request to personally influence the course of military events in Iraq to prevent resounding defeat of this small state. Many innocent people die there!!! Thank you very much for your attention!

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