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internet,, 21.09.2003 17:17:57
this forum and siote and guestbook are very good! was signed internet
Elke,, 19.09.2003 20:27:02
nice site you have! bookmarked it and hope you keep it up! cu
onyeoru onyeze,, 09.09.2003 18:54:37
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Alexey,, 08.09.2003 10:12:17
Thank you for interesting and useful resource. Lets exchange references. Our site.
SANKAY SUNNY,, 06.09.2003 18:09:19
ashanka,, 02.09.2003 14:22:23
good site
William Wallace,, 30.08.2003 15:59:05
During the Reagan administration, CIA Director William Casey initiated the recruitment of Islamic fundamentalists from around the world to go to Afghanistan in the 1980s to fight in the decade-long guerrilla war against the Soviet military intervention. They received training in terrorist tactics, including the planting of bombs, from US intelligence agents. This was the milieu out of which Osama bin Ladenhimself a collaborator with the CIA in Afghanistanrecruited the initial forces for his Al Qaeda organization. After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, many of these fighters, most of them Arabs, were allowed entry into the United States as a reward for their services in the war. In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, some of these Islamic fundamentalists turned against the US government, bombing the World Trade Center in 1993 and carrying out other attacks on US targets overseas. The phenomenon of former CIA-backed guerrillas using their US training to attack American targets became known as blowback. The C.I.A funded these maniacs to hurt your country and now they (the terrorists) are now hurting us all. Pity President Bush can`t bring himself to tell the truth - maybe just maybe the rest of the world would understand the current U.S foreign and military policy, instead of thinking they have gone totally mad. The truth needs to be told if for nothing else to preserve the momory of some 25,000 Soviet soldiers who laid down their lives in the fight against islamic fundamentalism. See for an index of No to War - Australia sites.
Yak,, 24.08.2003 20:09:02
. , . , :
ozo,, 10.08.2003 17:05:15
i like this siteeeeeeeeeee
David,, 06.08.2003 7:18:42
bonjour de paris
Jedi,, 05.08.2003 12:53:43
US Army Ranger
nuked,, 03.08.2003 3:36:07
what more can i say im heading out of nyc way out for sure before the end
Dick Spammer,, 01.08.2003 0:20:13
COol site, No way to Nukes, except on tha Arabs!
ALA OWERRI, ALA@ABA.COM, 26.07.2003 17:42:11
Sergey,, 26.07.2003 15:19:33
The ABM system deployed in Alaska, GBI missiles, in particular is developed as a dual function system in peaceful time as a system to destroy missiles, in military time (replacing the block for ordinary nuclear) to destroy objects in the territory of Russia and China (which is possible with the warhead mass of 100 kg only)). It is surprising that this escaped discussion in the press.

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