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,, 20.12.2003 22:20:56
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WebDesigner,, 20.12.2003 9:56:08
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Libertarian Communist, 19.12.2003 22:11:49
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pako,, 06.12.2003 22:03:40
nice job keep it up
Ken Borig,, 04.12.2003 20:57:19
Staff see which opposes 1950 US Supreme Court FERES decision which PERMITS FALSIFICATION of US military records.
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bakee,, 27.11.2003 19:21:15
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William Wallace,, 24.11.2003 7:47:30
PRE-EMPTIVE WAR IS NO SOLUTION` SAYS NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA We are trying to get people to stop and think and see that the Bush Administrations doctrine of Pre-emptive War ; is not only not a solution to terrorism, but we believe a recipe for continuous warfare between the West and the Islamic world (possibly spanning generations) that can only end up resulting in disaster for all of us. Ordinary people have to stand up and oppose the hate being generated by these fundamentalists (east and west) if we are to leave to our children and grandchildren a peacefull and prosperous planet. We feel one of the best way to start; is to help stop the current attempt at historical revisionism and start asking just why did the United States and its allies, nurture Al Queda and other allied Islamic terror groups in the first place; and why today do they feel unable to face up to the truth, and admit to the previous links between the CIA and Bin Laden; when only a decade ago they were `cock a hoop` about the role these terror groups (who they funded to the tune of 6 billion dollars and called freedom fighters) played in helping speed up the break up of the Soviet Block by defeating the then pro Soviet Afghan government and Soviet forces in Afghanistan. GENERAL The Bully The U.S Prison population now largest in the world. Anthrax - U.S Military Strains ? AFGHANISTAN American Taliban Who underwrote the Taliban - Rep Dr Ron Paul (Republican 14th District - Texas) The `Arab Afghans` Blowback Hazy Outlines of an Islamist International IRAQ The Weird Men behind George Bush`s War Why did the U.S support Iraq`s Biowepons program during the 1980ies? How west helped Saddam gain power and decimate Iraq`s elite in 1963. BUSH Bush Resume How the Bush family made its fortune trading with the Nazis - The Dutch Connection National Archive Documents Prove Bush Family-Nazi Ties after U.S entered WWII Trading with the Enemy Questionable Ties - The Bush and Bin Laden Family Connections. AL QUEDA Bin Laden - Made in the U.S.A The links between the US and Al Queda Frankenstein the CIA created The creation called Osama Osama Bin Laden: How the U.S. Helped midwife a Terrorist Bush 9/11 and deep threat CIA A Brief History of CIA Sponsored Terrorism Overview 1947 - 1950 1951 - 1959 1960 - 1966 1967 - 1973 1974 - 1978 1979 - 1986 1987 - 1995 For other NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA websites see and
Rainbow Man, 22.11.2003 2:51:58
Proceedings from the International Conference on Problems of Plutonium Utilization turned out to be very handy. It helped to pass a test on ecology. In general, in a couple of years Ill work at an atomic power plant.
J.B. Stone,, 20.11.2003 7:52:54
Beating the Bio-Chemical Bushes

If you like Stephen King, youll LOVE this one! Its been giving me sleepless nights for three decades.

Theres a worldwide uproar concerning the whereabouts of Saddams Weapons of Mass Absorption. He used Bio-Chemical Weapons on 250 Kurd villages in 1988 and admitted to having plenty more after Gulf War I. The rest is, as they say, History. Youd be terrified from a large scale Bio-Chemical assault here. Remember that unsolved Anthrax Attack right after 9-11?

Lets say 10,000 or more Americans were to succumb to exposures of Anthrax, Plague, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Tularemia, Coxiella Burnetii, deadly manmade gasses such as Sarin, VX & Tabun, or hallucinogenic substances like BZ Gas. Some would die horribly from convulsions and others would suffer slow, lingering deaths and beget deformed and disabled children for generations. Youd be aghast at the debilitating cerebro-vascular, respiratory and painful skin ailments running amok in your neighbors. Youd demand immediate reprisals against the perpetrators and expect the best health care and compensation for the families who lost loved ones, just like 9-11, right?

No you wouldnt.

If you were in the U.S. Congress or White House right now you wouldnt lift a finger to address this situation. Youd just cover it up and look away. Youd make it impossible for the victims to even apply for Federally funded assistance.

Oh, yes you would! Thats EXACTLY whats happening in Congress today.

Perhaps you missed the attack because the very same people who funded that activity now hide it from your view? The U.S. Government planned, funded, executed and denied the attacks.

What Bio-Chemical attacks? When did this happen? Youre joking, right? You just made this up to get my attention!

Unfortunately, not.

From 1962 to 1973, the CIA, DOD, and Smithsonian Institution participated in Project 112/SHAD, during which more than 10,000 U.S. Servicemen became human test rats for the above-mentioned substances and more.

You will confirm that the Americans who suffered these injuries and losses are treated exactly as described, documented by the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and Journal of the History of Biology. [Well, at least youll get the current official version.]

Project 112 was the land-based component of the Bio-Chemical Weapons experiments, exercised in Civilian surroundings in: Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Panama, Puerto Rico, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Canada. Marine Jets, Army surface ships & tugboats, and at least one Navy submarine executed Project SHAD [Shipboard Hazard & Defense] at sea near Nova Scotia, California, Hawaii, and the Marshall Islands.

Robert McNamara sold this program to JFK & LBJ at the cost of $4 Billion 1962 dollars and 10,000 American lives over 10 years. Every session of Congress since then has funded some form of this activity under the guise of national security. How secure do YOU feel right now?

The current VA SHAD Protocol is designed to further prevent the Veterans involved from acquiring VA Benefits. The Veteran is required to supply his Medical Records for before, during and after SHAD to establish his service connection. That sounds reasonable. Too bad the NSA, CIA, & DOD wont release the necessary classified documents.

House Resolution 5060 & Senate Bill 2704, The Veterans Right to Know Act of 2002, were initiated in the 107th Congress to alleviate that situation. Theyve since been shuffled off to various sub-committees with only superficial hearings. H.R.2433, known as Health Care for Veterans of Project 112/Project SHAD Act of 2003, was referred to the Senate on 9-11-03, a rather fitting date to address the problems of fallen Americans. Its curious that vast majority of Congressmen whove sponsored these Bills are Democrats, yet Max Baucus, Montana Veterans Senator has ignored my pleas while Conrad Burns and Denny Rehberg have helped dispel the cloud of Cold War Secrecy and acquire critical data.

Im just one of at least six Montana SHAD/112 Veterans, four from the Flathead Valley. Furthermore, of the 504,047 Gulf War I Veterans eligible for VA benefits, 149,094 (29%) are now considered disabled by the VA since the start of Gulf War I, many for illnesses due to Bio-Chemical and Depleted Uranium exposures in Iraq. More than 9,600 Gulf War I veterans have died. Please urge your Congressmen to resolve this impasse.

My Sincere Thanks on Behalf of the SHAD/112 Veterans Nationwide,

J.B. Stone, ETN-2, USN, Project SHAD 1969 900 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish, Montana 59937 406-862-7514, 862-8739 - message

marryjames,, 19.11.2003 22:38:26
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Alexander,, 19.11.2003 20:23:03
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pascal,, 15.11.2003 12:40:57
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Nataliya,, 14.11.2003 20:09:12
Im a student of international relations and my work is oriented towards nuclear industry; in this connection I have problems in finding information. Your site is one of the few that covers, and does it well, these problems. Thank you for providing information.

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