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HOST@UTB, HOST@UTB.COM, 13.02.2004 9:24:15
Vote no to using the bomb
GUYMAN,, 31.01.2004 22:27:45
William Wallace,, 30.01.2004 4:30:34
To read a series of articles showing the C.I.A`s direct culpability for triggering the ongoing world wide surge of Islamic terrorism that we are facing and that continues to unfold and consume so many innocent lives see the website: Also see the Index NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA for other sites about the War in Iraq and on the hairbrained maniac George W. Bush and his administration.
ABA MAN,, 28.01.2004 16:52:40
guys it looks really nice. keep it up.
marla mcdermott,, 26.01.2004 19:36:37
Love the web site-does
kkk,, 25.01.2004 0:35:50
i love the site
Mugu,, 21.01.2004 15:11:33
I love this site cool keep it
Mikhail Shulga,, 20.01.2004 15:34:54
The information in the site is interesting, but there are certain inaccuracies. The authors should be more responsible when speaking about radiation. This is the opinion of chief state inspector for radiation safety.
(),, 18.01.2004 11:13:38
? .
shnaps,, 18.01.2004 2:02:20
Yes, nuclear energy is something specific and Chernobyl tragedy proves that everything deserves proper attention. The cause of the accident is the human factor. All over the world numerous people get killed in automobile accidents. Count total power of automobiles in your city and imagine the efficiency of fuel this is irreplaceable treasure. Have you ever seen higher power what is the ecological situation is such areas? Why then dont you oppose inefficient ecologically hazardous use of organic fuel? Measure the radiation background, sulfur content, etc. and evaluate human health. We cant do without heat and electricity we placed ourselves in this situation and no one can abandon it. This about it. To fight the effect is unwise, it is the cause that should be prevented. Atomic engineering is a fact. Not to know and not to understand fundamentals of physics and energy does not give public the right to speak vainly about such things. As a specialist in this field did not find anything of interest in this site. Lope-sided approach to the problem disappointed me. Use more technical information in the articles. Well visit you again...
Terry Williams,, 17.01.2004 0:04:50
Nice website. Visit Hong Kong Expressions for feng shui, oriental antiques, art and unique asian imports.
Q Madp,, 11.01.2004 4:13:49
Putting aside all the politics about the Iraq War, and putting aside at who is at fault and who did what. Let`s remember those that died serving their country. fallen Iraq War Heroes, some of the casualties of the Iraq War! and for transcripts, articles and headlines
StudioLX,, 28.12.2003 6:31:57
This is a very nice site. take a look at ours at
Natali,, 25.12.2003 13:07:12

Best regards from Krasnoyarsk -45 to team of the "Citizens Center for Nuclear Nonproliferation" I highly respect! I can offer you a problem to think about. The population of our Closed Autonomous Territorial Formation is about 70 thousand. The city has a schools, lyceum and gymnasium. In addition to the gymnasium and lyceum every school (there are 10 schools, including the schools in the settlements around the city) has corrective classes, plus corrective school 173 (now it has 11 forms, it is full to the utmost), where the children are the most difficult (imbeciles, oligophrenic persons morons, etc.), school 176 has very many children with mental retardation. "Behavioral" corrective school 177 (about 500 "very difficult pupils") was closed because to upkeep such a school is "not profitable", schoolchildren were moved to other schools (200 of them were moved to school 170), teachers were dismissed.

In my opinion it is strange actually it is very strange that for this population we have so many mentally and psychically retarded children. Teachers confirm recently that childrens degradation is tending to be more manifest. Isnt there an underlying motive to move children into different schools not to strike ones eye! In the way it is now they are not all in a crowd but in small groups and do not strike ones eye at the general background, and everything is OK in the Closed Autonomous Territorial Formation. This is a subject for discussion. Let users from closed cities share their opinions on this topic. Or am I too suspicious and hypochonidriac?

Zhenya,, 24.12.2003 14:18:31
I love Zarechny!!!!

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