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Marina, Margus.2004, 13.05.2004 9:56:22
They say that Mox fuel is dangerous for people and ecosystems. Is this so?
mugu,, 10.05.2004 15:48:30
great site.
Олег,, 05.05.2004 20:04:07
Не могу понять, что же такое показали американцы, что Вы, извините за выражение, буквально брызгаетесь слюной. Я следил за обсуждением фильма о К-19 в прессе задолго до его выхода на экраны, и у меня создавалось впечатление, что наши кинематографисты и пр. просто завидуют американцам. И все-то у них не так, и не так все было. Но важны ведь факты, а не фактики. Именно ТАК – ценой жизни советских людей - мы соревновались с Америкой, именно ТАК - без царя в голове принимались все крупные решения, именно ТАК – бестолково принимались на флоте недоделанные подлодки. Командир, этой или другой подлодки, - человек эпохи. Он не карьерист, а винтик советской системы, в которой нельзя было поступать иначе, чем показано в фильме. Неуспех фильма в Штатах – прекрасное доказательство, что фильм – правдивый и честный. И мне, русскому человеку, ничто в фильме не претит. Большую часть своей жизни я уже прожил и потому, наверное, стал сентиментальным, так вот, когда я первый раз смотрел вчера этот фильм, я плакал, также плакал, как и четыре года назад, узнав о гибели наших подводников п/л «Курск». Форду и всем американцам, снявшим фильм, я хочу сказать большое спасибо. Олег Белоусов
Oleg,, 04.05.2004 20:47:56
Crancks! To live in dugouts, with candles! Study to create safer technologies.
William Wallace,, 12.04.2004 13:06:53
QUESTIONING THE RATIONALE BEHIND THE WAR ON IRAQ NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA We question the very simplistic rationale of George W. Bush and his cohorts for their illegal war on Iraq. Time and again we hear spoken the need to rid the world of evil. This iniquitous “Axis of Evil” has a quite obvious adverse relationship with the “Axis of Good,” and therefore, under the Bush rationale of good versus evil, those who are aligned within the Axis of Evil are a threat to those who comprise the Axis of good. Hence, Iraq, being cast within his Axis of Evil, is a threat to the West who of course he believes must be good. But no doubt Iraqis (and other Arabs) see things the other way around and believe that it is the West who by giving unconditional support to Israel as it steals more and more Palestinians land and by our continuing illegal and bloody occupation of Iraq that it is we, not they who are evil. This is no doubt reinforced by Pro Consul Bremmers opposition to democratic elections in that country as it would impinge on his ability to continue to steal Oil and his current bloody crackdown on the Iraqi population both Sunni and Shiite. No to War - Australia believes that it is those who profer simplistic rationales for War that are actually those who are truly evil - be they George W Bush, Tony Blair, John Howard and their allies or be it Osama Bin Laden and his fanatics. What is important is for all good people living both in the Middle East and other parts of the Muslim World and those of us living in the Western nations to stand up against these maniacs or we may find ourselves embroiled in a quasi religious war that could last for decades. NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA SAYS NO TO PREMPTIVE WAR See INDEX OF NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA WEBSITES See INDEX NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA WEBSITES See 1. Blowback: The Costs and Consequences of American Empire - Fickle, Bitter, and Dangerous Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 2. Why George W. Bush really invaded Iraq! 3. A Brief History of CIA Sponsored Terrorism 1947 - 1950 1951 - 1959 1960 - 1966 1967 - 1973 1974 - 1978 1979 - 1988 1989 - 2001 4. Conspiracy or Coincidence Bush Family Links to Saudia Arabia and Bin Laden Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
mgbada owerri,, 10.04.2004 11:55:39
nice site, guys beware offooooooooooooooo
William Wallace,, 07.04.2004 2:52:59
‘PRE-EMPTIVE WAR IS NO SOLUTION` SAYS NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA We are trying to get people to stop and think and see that the Bush administrations doctrine of Pre-emptive War is not only not a solution to terrorism, but we believe a recipe for continuous warfare between the West and the Islamic world (possibly spanning generations) that can only end up resulting in disaster for all of us. Ordinary people have to stand up and oppose the hate being generated by these fundamentalists (both in the East and the West) if we are to leave to our children and grandchildren a peacefull and prosperous planet. We feel one of the best way to start; is to help stop the current attempt at historical revisionism and start asking just why did the United States and its allies, nurture Al Queda and other allied Islamic terror groups in the first place; and why today do they feel unable to face up to the truth, and admit to the previous links between the CIA and Bin Laden; when only a decade ago they were `cock a hoop` about the role these terror groups (who they funded to the tune of 6 billion dollars and called ‘freedom fighters’) played in helping speed up the break up of the Soviet Block by defeating the then pro Soviet Afghan government and Soviet forces in Afghanistan. GENERAL The Bully The U.S Prison population now largest in the world. Anthrax - U.S Military Strains ? AFGHANISTAN American Taliban Who underwrote the Taliban - Rep Dr Ron Paul (Republican 14th District - Texas) The `Arab Afghans` Blowback Hazy Outlines of an Islamist International IRAQ The Weird Men behind George Bush`s War Why did the U.S support Iraq`s Biowepons program during the 1980ies? How west helped Saddam gain power and decimate Iraq`s elite in 1963. BUSH Bush Resume How the Bush family made its fortune trading with the Nazis - The Dutch Connection National Archive Documents Prove Bush Family-Nazi Ties after U.S entered WWII Trading with the Enemy Questionable Ties - The Bush and Bin Laden Family Connections. AL QUEDA Bin Laden - Made in the U.S.A The links between the US and Al Queda Frankenstein the CIA created The creation called Osama Osama Bin Laden: How the U.S. Helped midwife a Terrorist Bush 9/11 and deep threat CIA A Brief History of CIA Sponsored Terrorism Overview 1947 - 1950 1951 - 1959 1960 - 1966 1967 - 1973 1974 - 1978 1979 - 1988 1989 - 2001 For other NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA websites see and
Vladimir,, 04.04.2004 18:27:38
Hello! I got to your page quite by change and got interested! Do you have links, information about new materials on it? If yes – we ask to subscribe to our address. On behalf of Department of Public Relations and Mass Media of South-Ukrainian nuclear power plant (Ukraine)., 23.03.2004 20:05:06
cool site
William Wallace,, 22.02.2004 4:42:56
In memory of the 25,000 brave Soviet Soldiers who gave their lives to help progressive Afghans bring progress and enlightenment to Afghanistan. And to remind people that the so called War on Terrorism by the U.S.A is being misused to secure Oilfields, not fight these islamic maniacs (whom they created in the first place) as they are pretending to do. WHY GEORGE W BUSH REALLY INVADED IRAQ ! During the Reagan administration, CIA Director William Casey initiated the recruitment of Islamic fundamentalists from around the world to go to Afghanistan to fight in the decade-long guerrilla war against the Soviet military intervention. They received training in terrorist tactics, including the planting of bombs, from US intelligence agents. This was the milieu out of which Osama bin Laden—himself a collaborator with the CIA in Afghanistan—recruited the initial forces for his Al Qaeda organization. After the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, many of these fighters, most of them Arabs, were allowed entry into the United States as a reward for their services in the war. In the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War, some of these Islamic fundamentalists turned against the US government, bombing the World Trade Center in 1993. Al Queda then carried out a number of other terrorist acts against US targets overseas most notably the bombing of two U.S Embassies in East Africa and the attack on the U.S.S Cole before carrying out their murderous attacks on 9/11. That an organization like Al Qaeda would emerge after the CIA`s unbelievable stupidity in arming and training more than 35,000 (indirectly over 100,000) anti - western Islamic fundamentalists fighters, you would think should not really come as such a surprise. Seemingly however it caused great angst and bewilderment amongst those imbeciles who actually were responsible for this policy in the first place. I find it incredible that so many Reaganites still can`t understand why the rabid dog that they spawned has turned around and bit the hand that fed it. Further it has now become clear (with no WMD`s being found) that rather than face up to the truth behind 9/11 these short sighted ideologues have instead sought to `pull the wool over the eyes` of the American public by manipulating George W Bush (whose father was one of the chief architects of this evil in the 1980ies) to invade Iraq, by claiming a link between Saddam and 9/11. One thing for certain is that whilst his baathist regime was very disagreeable, it however clearly had nothing to do with 9/11, being both strongly secular (supported by many Christian Iraqis) and very anti Wahabist (ie. anti Al Qaeda). Basically the bottom line is we went to war on a lie - to cover up what must be one of the biggest foulups in modern history. BLOWBACK This phenomenon of former CIA-backed guerrillas using their US training to attack American targets has become known as “blowback.” Technically a `blowback` (what we call a right stuff up) is the term that the CIA uses to describe a situation when some operative, a terrorist, or some situation that they`ve created gets out of their control and comes back to haunt them. It`s a situation where the scientist (Frankenstein) creates a monster that "blows back" on its creator. Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden are all pretty good examples of blowback. They were all nurtured for many years by the CIA, the US military or military intelligence. They all eventually "blew back." A good link to review this phenomenon is given in (January 2001: A People`s History of the CIA: The Subversion of Democracy from Australia to Zaire) A BRIEF HISTORY OF CIA SPONSORED TERRORISM - A brief history of C.I.A Sponsored Terrorism appears in the following WebPages, read these and get a better understanding of the role these maniacs have played in supporting and promoting this culture of terrorism that has now come back to haunt us all. 1947 - 1950 1951 - 1959 1960 - 1966 1967 - 1973 1974 - 1978 1979 - 1988 1989 - 2001 Source: William Blum, Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions since World War II (Monroe, Maine: Common Courage Press, 1995). OTHER NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA LINKS For over half a century the C.I.A taught a host of murderous terrorists like Reagan’s so called “Afghan freedom fighters" to subvert popular movements and how to murder, maim and torture their own people. To understand the depth of the C.I.A`s culpability for triggering the current world wide surge of Islamic terrorism which has already consumed so many innocent lives see the following websites. Also see the following index for sites on George W. Bush and the illegal War and occupation of Iraq. and
Sergey,, 19.02.2004 10:09:38
Мне нравится этот сайт. Здорово. Поддерживайте его и дальше. Будете в Ванкувере заходите в гости!
HOST@UTB, HOST@UTB.COM, 13.02.2004 9:24:15
Vote no to using the bomb
GUYMAN,, 31.01.2004 22:27:45
William Wallace,, 30.01.2004 4:30:34
To read a series of articles showing the C.I.A`s direct culpability for triggering the ongoing world wide surge of Islamic terrorism that we are facing and that continues to unfold and consume so many innocent lives see the website: Also see the Index NO TO WAR - AUSTRALIA for other sites about the War in Iraq and on the hairbrained maniac George W. Bush and his administration.
ABA MAN,, 28.01.2004 16:52:40
guys it looks really nice. keep it up.

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