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Essence of the American sanctions. (russian.) 28 Sep 2016

Open letter. (russian.) Head of the center for public relations, media, international and public organizations of FSUE "National operator for radioactive waste management" N.V. Medyantsev. 13 Sep 2016

Backbone factor of the planet. (russian.) 13 Sep 2016

The German-Russian Symbiosis of Technologies for Future Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Sites Conrad and Pechenga. Theme for discussion. (russian.) 5 Sep 2016

Монетаризм и скупка мира. (russian.) 23 Aug 2016

Alternative to Yucca Mountain. (russian.) 10 July 2016

When the patience of America bursts. (russian.) 24 June 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 5. 11 May 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 4. 8 May 2016

Chernobyl catastrophe and "Diversion" version. (russian.) 25 Apr 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 3. 9 Apr 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 2. 3 Apr 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 1. 31 Mar 2016

When prices of oil begin to rise. (russian.) 1 Mar 2016

Armagedon on Slate. (russian.) 31 Jan 2016

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   Terrorism... War... Danger...
The United States and Russia Are Prepping for Doomsday. With the collapse of yet another arms reduction agreement, Washington and Moscow are now sitting on a stockpile of plutonium good for tens of thousands of nuclear weapons. By Jeffrey Lewis, Foreign Policy, 18 Oct 2016
Russia, U.S. move past Cold War to unpredictable confrontation. It`s not a new Cold War. It`s not even a deep chill. It`s an outright conflict. By Nicole Gaouette, Elise Labott, CNN, 14 Oct 2016
Russia moving nuclear-capable missiles into Kaliningrad, says Estonia. Reports of Iskander-M missiles being moved to outpost between Poland and Lithuania fuels fears that Russia is seeking to expand control of Baltic Sea. By Patrick Wintour, Diplomatic editor, The Guardian, UK, 14 Oct 2016
The Wholesale Failure of American Foreign Policy. How long will the people permit it? By Daniel L. Davis, The American Conservative, 3 Oct 2016
The Sino-Russian Axis. Joint naval exercises show a common strategic purpose: Push the U.S. out. The Wall Street Journal, 28 Sep 2016
U.S. Releases Some Documents On Syria Cease-Fire Agreements With Russia. The release came as International Syria Support Group met to try to restore a crumbling cease-fire deal. By Felicia Schwartz, The Wall Street Journal, 24 Sep 2016

   Nuclear weapons
Faith groups state nuclear weapons "incompatible with values of faith traditions" at UN General Assembly First Committee. Fifth joint statement highlighting moral and humanitarian aspects of nuclear weapons. The Religion News Service, 14 Oct 2016

   Foreign News
3 Wars the Next President Must Avoid. By Daniel R. DePetris, The National Interest, 18 Oct 2016
Treat Russia Like the International Poison It Is. By Eli Lake, Bloomberg, USA, 14 Oct 2016
India - Russia Bilateral: Warm, a Bit Cold Too. By Rajesh Singh, Daily Pioneer, 3 Oct 2016
Essence of the American sanctions. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 28 Sep 2016
Bunker-buster bomb reports may mark new stage in Russia`s Syrian assault. Deployment of munitions designed to destroy underground structures, if proven, might indicate Russia`s desire to bring siege of Aleppo to speedy end. By Patrick Wintour, diplomatic editor, The Guardian, UK, 28 Sep 2016
WashPost Makes History: First Paper to Call for Prosecution of Its Own Source (After Accepting Pulitzer). By Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept, 21 Sep 2016

   "Civil" Society in Russia
In Russia, some men want to watch the world burn. 2017 is set to be Russia`s Year of Ecology. But in the south of the country, environmental activists face corrupt officials and vigilante attacks. By Svetlana Bolotnikova, Open Democracy, UK, 24 Sep 2016

Obama`s Russia Epiphany. The U.S. blames the Kremlin for attacks on U.S. elections. And then? The Wall Street Journal, 18 Oct 2016
Medals and insignia of Suvorov Military Schools and badges of military valor. (russian) 14 Oct 2016
Does Assad Really Have Time on His Side? The facts on the ground in Syria are stacked against him. By Ari Heistein, The National Interest, 3 Oct 2016
China`s Deadly Type 99 Tank vs. Russia`s T-90 and America`s M-1 Abrams: Who Wins? By Sebastien Roblin, The National Interest, 28 Sep 2016
Putin`s Win Is No Victory for Russia. Editorial. Bloomberg, 21 Sep 2016


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The Case of "Hot" Particles
The Case of "Hot" Particles

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