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Satanism religion. (russian.) 2 Dec 2016

Elite plates and their shift. (russian.) 11 Nov 2016

Backbone factor of the planet 2. (russian.) 30 Oct 2016

Essence of the American sanctions. (russian.) 3 Oct 2016

Open letter. (russian.) Head of the center for public relations, media, international and public organizations of FSUE "National operator for radioactive waste management" N.V. Medyantsev. 13 Sep 2016

Backbone factor of the planet. (russian.) 13 Sep 2016

The German-Russian Symbiosis of Technologies for Future Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Sites Conrad and Pechenga. Theme for discussion. (russian.) 5 Sep 2016

Монетаризм и скупка мира. (russian.) 23 Aug 2016

Alternative to Yucca Mountain. (russian.) 10 July 2016

When the patience of America bursts. (russian.) 24 June 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 5. 11 May 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 4. 8 May 2016

Chernobyl catastrophe and "Diversion" version. (russian.) 25 Apr 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 3. 9 Apr 2016

World Government. (russian.) Part 2. 3 Apr 2016

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   Terrorism... War... Danger...
Russia`s Path to Another Resurgence. Analysis. Stratfor, 2 Dec 2016
Russia`s pivot to Asia. Vladimir Putin is leaning east, but his engagement is superficial. The Economist, UK, 28 Nov 2016
Three Years On, Ukrainians Say Their Revolution Was Betrayed. The uprising that began on Nov. 21, 2013, brought down one regime of crooks only to see it replaced with another. By Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast, 24 Nov 2016
How the Kremlin Sees Trump`s Re-Reset With Moscow. "We consider Trump the American Putin", says a leading Russian thinker-meaning "a conservative nationalist" and a "realist". By Sohrab Ahmari, The Wall Street Journal, 19 Nov 2016
President Trump`s First Term. His campaign tells us a lot about what kind of Commander-in-Chief he would be. By Evan Osnos, The New Yorker, 11 Nov 2016
From "reset" to "pause": The real story behind Hillary Clinton`s feud with Vladimir Putin. By Joby Warrick, Karen DeYoung, The Washington Post, 7 Nov 2016

   Nuclear weapons
North Korea Nuclear Program Likely Undeterred by Sanctions. Few expect new U.N. penalties alone to end Kim Jong Un`s pursuit nuclear weapons. By Chun Han Wong in Beijing, Jonathan Cheng in Seoul, The Wall Street Journal, 2 Dec 2016
Kremlin ratchets up tension with missile trains. By Tom Parfitt, Moscow, The Times, 24 Nov 2016

   Foreign News
Get Ready, Russia and China: America`s. Aircraft Carriers Will Have Stealth Fighters Next Year. By Kris Osborn, The National Interest, 28 Nov 2016
Battle of East vs West: "Putin-backed prodigy" on brink of upset victory for Russia at World Chess Championships. The parallels between chess and politics are striking and many. By Barney Henderson, New York, The Telegraph, UK, 24 Nov 2016
Conway: Trump relationship with Moscow "depends an awful lot on Russia". Fox News, 19 Nov 2016
Elite plates and their shift. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 11 Nov 2016
If the J-20 Stealth Fighter Is So Amazing Why Is China Buying Russia`s Su-35? By Dave Majumdar, The National Interest, 7 Nov 2016

   Nuclear engineering of Ukraine
Ukraine`s Merchant of Death in South Sudan. The war profiteers` answer to critics who say they`re fueling carnage in the world`s newest country? Somebody`s gonna do it. By Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast, 19 Nov 2016

Satanism religion. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 2 Dec 2016
The West Can`t Stand Up to Russia in the Donald Trump Era. President Obama has found a house divided during his final trip to Europe. By Simon Shuster, Time, 28 Nov 2016
Medals and insignia of Suvorov Military Schools and badges of military valor. (russian) 28 Nov 2016
U.N. Agency Warns Iran on Nuclear Deal. Notice follows disclosure that Iran had stockpiled more than the permitted amount of heavy water. By Laurence Norman, The Wall Street Journal, 19 Nov 2016
If the west is weak, Putin`s Russia is a much greater threat. The crisis in our liberal democracies is strengthening the Kremlin`s hand, making it the dangerous foe of MI5`s and Nato`s warnings. By Natalie Nougayrede, The Guardian, UK, 7 Nov 2016


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The Case of "Hot" Particles
The Case of "Hot" Particles

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