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"Global collection of bases" of the Pentagon. (russian.) 1 Apr 2017

Satanism religion - 2. (russian.) Liberalism as environment of prosperity of a Satanism. 4 Mar 2017

The Geological and Geographical Back End of Rosatom. (russian.) 4 Mar 2017

Backbone factor of the planet 4. (russian.) 11 Feb 2017

Backbone factor of the planet 3. (russian.) 30 Jan 2017

Elite plates and their shift - 2. (russian.) 25 Dec 2016

Satanism religion. (russian.) 2 Dec 2016

Elite plates and their shift. (russian.) 11 Nov 2016

Backbone factor of the planet 2. (russian.) 30 Oct 2016

Essence of the American sanctions. (russian.) 3 Oct 2016

Open letter. (russian.) Head of the center for public relations, media, international and public organizations of FSUE "National operator for radioactive waste management" N.V. Medyantsev. 13 Sep 2016

Backbone factor of the planet. (russian.) 13 Sep 2016

The German-Russian Symbiosis of Technologies for Future Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste: Sites Conrad and Pechenga. Theme for discussion. (russian.) 5 Sep 2016

Монетаризм и скупка мира. (russian.) 23 Aug 2016

Alternative to Yucca Mountain. (russian.) 10 July 2016

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   Terrorism... War... Danger...
South Korea Says There`s a Chance the North Will Conduct Its Sixth Nuclear Test on Tuesday. By Kim Tong-Hyung, Time, 24 Apr 2017
How Champs Elysees attack could swing the French presidential election. By Henry Samuel, Paris, The Telegraph, UK, 24 Apr 2017
What Erdogan`s narrow referendum victory means for Turkey. By Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post, 19 Apr 2017
Trump Stumbles into Putin`s Syrian Backyard. By Nina L. Khrushcheva, Project Syndicate, 15 Apr 2017
What could go wrong for the U.S. in Syria? War with Russia... Pressure to escalate is only going to get worse. By Colin H. Kahl, The Washington Post, 12 Apr 2017
Russia has many enemies - but its actions in Syria may have contributed to events in St Petersburg. Russia`s intervention in Syria and Chechnya has led to threats from groups such as Isis, although responsibility for the St Petersburg attack has yet to be established. By Kim Sengupta, Diplomatic Editor, The Independent, UK, 5 Apr 2017
"Global collection of bases" of the Pentagon. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 1 Apr 2017

   Nuclear weapons
Kim Jong-un "desperate" to develop nuclear weapons and willing to use them, defector warns. "Once he sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America, then he would use his nuclear weapons". By Samuel Osborne, The Independent, UK, 5 Apr 2017

   Foreign News
Why oil predictions are so wild right now-from $42 to $100 a barrel. Oil stockpiles are at historic highs and price prognostications are all over the map. By Bart Chilton, CNBC, USA, 24 Apr 2017
Pentagon begins Nuclear Posture Review. By Luis Martinez, ABC News, 19 Apr 2017
While the U.S. wasn`t looking, Russia and Iran began carving out a bigger role in Afghanistan. By Erin Cunningham, The Washington Post, 15 Apr 2017
Why Trump`s missiles are shaking Putin`s home front. He may be the hero of Crimea, but for the Russian leader the US strike on Syria could hardly have come at a worse moment. By Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian, UK, 12 Apr 2017
Under Trump, the United States May Now Be Killing More Civilians Than Russia. With mass-casualty events from Raqqa to Mosul, some think the US military is scrapping rules designed to protect innocents. By Peter Certo, The Nation, Pakistan, 1 Apr 2017

   Nuclear engineering of Ukraine
Ukrainian corruption casts nuclear pall over Europe. Lack of oversight, regulatory control make for clear danger. By L. Todd Wood, The Washington Times, 12 Apr 2017

   "Civil" Society in Russia
Putin Is Up, But Russians Are Feeling Down. By Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg, 5 Apr 2017

Russia bans Jehovah`s Witnesses after supreme court rules Christian sect "extremists". Group to appeal ruling amid international concern over freedom of religion. By Lizzie Dearden, The Independent, UK, 24 Apr 2017
Medals and insignia of Suvorov Military Schools and badges of military valor. (russian) 19 Apr 2017
Russian withdrawal throws Eurovision politics into sharp relief. The spat between Ukraine and Russia is simply the latest in a longstanding tradition of political posturing around the contest. By Hannah Ellis-Petersen, The Guardian, UK, 15 Apr 2017
North Korea Threatens Nuclear Strike if U.S. Attacks. North Korean state media warned on Tuesday of a nuclear attack on the United States at any sign of American aggression as a U.S. Navy strike group steamed toward the western Pacific. Reuters & Newsweek, 12 Apr 2017
150 Years After Sale of Alaska, Some Russians Have Second Thoughts. By Evan Gershkovich, The New York Times, 1 Apr 2017


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The Case of "Hot" Particles
The Case of "Hot" Particles

Taiwan Spent Nuclear Fuel Scheduled for Storage in Krasnoyarsk (pdf-version, 1358 ъс)
Taiwan SNF
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