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Branches of Fictitious Work. (russian.) 5 Oct 2017

The future underground research laboratory in Zheleznogorsk. (russian.) 10 Sep 2017

Denis Zharkikh: "Only left will bring Ukraine out of crisis". (russian.) 30 Aug 2017

New position region of the USA. (russian.) 30 Aug 2017

Heartland. (russian.) 6 Aug 2017

Open letter to the General Director of JSC "Krasnoyarskgeologia" A. Khokhlov. (russian.) 13 July 2017

Heroes of Israel. (russian.) 1 July 2017

The fate of radioactive waste in Russia. (russian.) 8 June 2017

That hide the USA in Israel. (russian.) 4 June 2017

Why the world is powerless against terror. (russian.) 1 May 2017

A problem for the millennia and Security of Russia. (russian.) 1 May 2017

"Global collection of bases" of the Pentagon. (russian.) 1 Apr 2017

Satanism religion - 2. (russian.) Liberalism as environment of prosperity of a Satanism. 4 Mar 2017

The Geological and Geographical Back End of Rosatom. (russian.) 4 Mar 2017

Backbone factor of the planet 4. (russian.) 11 Feb 2017

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   Terrorism... War... Danger...
Russian Robots: Fear Jammers, Not Terminators. By Sydney J. Freedberg Jr., Breaking Defense, 17 Oct 2017
How the U.S. Lost the War in Syria to Russia and Iran. Moscow`s entrance to the conflict, along with growing jihadist influence among rebel groups, forced the U.S. to realign its position and settle on a new, informal goal: stopping Iran. By Tom O`Connor, Newsweek, 13 Oct 2017
Saudi King, in Russia, Seeks Warmer Ties With a Longtime Foe. By Ivan Nechepurenko, Ben Hubbard, The New York Times, 9 Oct 2017
Hypersonic missiles could spark World War 3 if powerful nations become "trigger happy", experts warn. By Shivali Best, Daily Mail, UK, 9 Oct 2017
Russia`s Lethal Su-35 vs. America`s F-16 Fighting Falcon: Who Wins in a Shootout? By Dave Majumdar, The National Interest, 5 Oct 2017
From Chechnya to Syria, Putin wrestles with the forces of islam. By Robert Service, Newsweek, 5 Oct 2017
The Gerasimov Doctrine. It`s Russia`s new chaos theory of political warfare. And it`s probably being used on you. By Molly K. McKew, Politico, 7 Sep 2017

   Radiation contamination
The future underground research laboratory in Zheleznogorsk. (russian) By Komlev V. N., Apatity, retiree, special for, 10 Sep 2017

   Nuclear weapons
Even the Most Precise Strike on North Korea Could Prompt Retaliation. By Michael R. Gordon, Eric Schmitt, The New York Times, 5 Oct 2017

   Foreign News
Donald Trump`s Twitter use is a risk to global security, Hillary Clinton says. Defeated presidential candidate also tells Australia`s Four Corners program that Wikileaks is now "a fully owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence". By Michael McGowan, The Guardian, UK, 17 Oct 2017
The Trump-Russia dossier: why its findings grow more significant by the day. As US officials investigate potential collusion between Trump and Moscow, the series of reports by the former UK intelligence official Christopher Steele are casting an ever darker shadow over the president. By Julian Borger in Washington, The Guardian, UK, 9 Oct 2017
New details emerge about Marilou Danley, girlfriend of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock. By William Wan, Sandhya Somashekhar, Aaron C. Davis, Marwa Eltagouri, The Washington Post, 5 Oct 2017
Russia vs. NATO: Who Would Win in a War? By Kris Osborn, The National Interest, 7 Sep 2017

   Nuclear engineering of Ukraine
Why giving Ukraine lethal weapons would be a massive mistake. By Charles Kupchan, The Washington Post, 5 Oct 2017

Russia`s House of Shadows. My apartment building was made to house the first generation of Soviet elite. Instead, it was where the revolution went to die. By Joshua Yaffa, The New Yorker, 13 Oct 2017
Branches of Fictitious Work. (russian) By Vladimir Shenk, publicist, Israel, special for, 5 Oct 2017
Medals and insignia of Suvorov Military Schools and badges of military valor. (russian) 5 Oct 2017


Nuclear Nonproliferation Cartoons by Anatoly Samarin
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The Case of "Hot" Particles
The Case of "Hot" Particles

Taiwan Spent Nuclear Fuel Scheduled for Storage in Krasnoyarsk (pdf-version, 1358 ъс)
Taiwan SNF
in Krasnoyarsk

The Case of Nonproliferation Trast, Inc. - Cartoons
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Mining-Chemical Combine

Criminal Business of Eugeny Adamov - Former Minister for Atomic Power of the Russian Federation



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